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For information and resources about history and herstory. Everybody has a story to tell. Feel free to post discussions regarding your own story, myth or classical historical reference in this group as well as on your own "MyPage."

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If we don't change our direction we're likely to end up where we're headed. This is an old proverb from the annals of history. History does not repeat itself. Ignorant people repeat history. If we do not learn from history we are condemned to repeat it. One who controls the past controls the future. May we not repeat the mistakes of the past.

History reveals the thinking of our ancestors and teaches us the universal principles our founding fathers and mothers knew so well. History is written by the victors in war, biased and prejudiced. History is rewritten with each successive generation by those in power. Both sides of the story must be taken into account, the written and the unwritten story.

His-tory and "Her-story" is respecting the story of what came before us, a tribute to our great grandfathers and great-grandmothers, our parents, our nation's founders, men and women of wisdom who have passed their wisdom down through the ages.

Let us learn from the past, so as to not repeat the mistakes of history...war, racism, injustice, disease and unnecessary suffering. Our stories teach us to honor and respect all the traditions of all the nations of people throughout time, to appreciate the evolutionary path of humanity along this road.

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