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1 ~ INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following five questions to inform the community about yourself and enhance your experience at the Ashland Source Center. Answers are NOT REQUIRED to join, and you can always fill them out later on your MYPORTAL page.
2 ~ What brought you to Ashland & Southern Oregon area? Let us know what’s been inspiring you these days!
Sun worship, tree worship, beauty worship. self care
3 ~ What would you love to offer to and share with our community? What do you envision could be a few of the most beneficial things that could happen from actively using this site? Feel free to be outrageous!
Rustic furniture, garden structures, gates, railings, roundwood timber frames, natural building, permaculture design and light eco--forestry.
4 ~ Please describe any projects or businesses you'd like to develop, if any? What is your "JOB" (aka "Joy of Being")? What especially delights you?
Forest thinings carefully peeled and groomed, worked into beautiful curvy furniture and home and garden features. Bigger timbers assembled into roundwood timber frames for strawbale homes and cottages, barns and ag buildings, and any old Wild Thing we can dream of.
5 ~ Which intriguing concepts, local endeavors, links, music, art, websites, books, films, inventions have you been exploring?
'Bliss' is a profound and ever-evocative video.
Realm of the Ring Lords changed my understanding of history--and current power structures and struggles.
John Bradshaw lectures on tape or video always astonish and disturb/inspire.

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At 6:41pm on April 4, 2009, Pi PhD said…
Thanks Gregg.
At 11:17am on March 22, 2009, Gregg Marchese said…
So fascinating! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I don't think them so long, in fact they are just the beginnings of a complex and rich exploration. Males a steady burn? Hmm, yes and no. I mean, sexually it's a bright fire, rapid rise and relatively swift flare, then subsiding. It can renew rather quickly, and perhaps that's why it seems steady. But in fact i've noticed greater arousal around full moons--if not redirected into work/aggression/sports/other. The Egyptians thought the moon masculine and the sun feminine. Admittedly one of the very few. What about our Man in the Moon? Partiarchal overlay no doubt.

I think your property sounds closer to the Laporte's vision and price. They told me they were looking for 2 house sites of around 110-150k ea., or just one.

Hey, if you want to connect more direct, my email is [email protected]
At 10:37am on March 22, 2009, Suzanne Mathis McQueen said…
First off - we are in total agreement about each understanding themselves. I really get irritated, honestly, with this whole idea that we're from different planets and have two different languages only because I believe it continues dysfunctional attitudes toward the other sex and a false sense of who we are individually. Of course we've got our yin/yang differences that I do not dispute, but as humans we all generally want the same things: to be respected, listened to, honored and acknowledged, understood, loved, liked, and desired. To me this is about communicating with courtesy, clarity, kindness, consideration, and genuine compliments. It is up to the individual to know themselves enough to express these things and walk them.
VERY interesting idea about the 7 days of rest. Love that.
In regard to the male cycle, first I'd like to say that I tend to think of men as being like the sun - it is my observation and experience that they have a steady burn for the most part, both sexually and immune-system-wise, if they aren't overdoing it with drugs/alcolhol, etc. Of course, women follow the moon. We already think of the sun as masculine and the moon as feminine, so this is no big revelation, but I'm speaking in terms of reality. As we know, women used to cycle directly with the moon, starting her period on the new moon and ovulating on the full moon. Therefore, a woman's sexuality follows the same way. She is internal and withdrawn from the sun's light, (the man's advances or radiance or steady burn) while the moon is dark. Her sexuality grows as she approaches ovulation, the full moon, and begins to receive his light, to fully receiving him and basically equaling him or more, and even overwhelming him with her brightness and beauty. The yin/yang is so pronounced in this dance.
My female cycle formula breaks down the approximate 28 days of the cycle into 4 guided weeks which I call fall, winter, spring, and summer because each week in the cycle has characteristics that compare with the season. So the month is a mini year, in a way, with 4 seasons per month. Therefore the name of my book, "Four Seasons in Four Weeks".
Having said that, I'm thinking that men follow the actual sun seasons - aka the solstice/equinox changes, the yearly seasons. This hit me one day when I was talking to a New Zealander man when talking about the female cycle. He offered that he was sure that he followed a 90-day cycle with his energy and sexuality. Other men have not been that specific, but they also say they have cycles but are stretched out. So, I thought I'd begin investigating this idea. Of course, the 90 days may just apply to that one guy, and the average cycle is actually very different.

Sorry this is so long! Thanks for the great conversation and for the permission to use your words. Excellent!
At 12:29am on March 22, 2009, Suzanne Mathis McQueen said…
Oh! And yes, I feel men have cycles too and also have a theory, but mine relates more to the sun. I'd love to hear your ideas sometime, as I am beginning to gather info from men on this. I want to here what you all have to say first, before I begin the scientific research and other theories. Perhaps I'll put a poll here on ARC.
At 12:01am on March 22, 2009, Suzanne Mathis McQueen said…

Thank you SO much for your insights. Would you mind if I quoted your comments somewhere in my book or writing? I love it when men tap into the fact that this is such an omission. Women too, of course, but when men are allowed to understand it, it can be world changing. I honestly believe when we are able to bring an enlightened awareness to this holistic cyclic rhythm of the females, we will begin to view things in our society that we tend to think of as female (environment, healthcare (nurturing), communication, and caring for all) as valuable, important, and worthy of our time if we are to live a healthy balance. Anyhow, your words today in the circle were right in tune. Thanks, Suz
At 11:27pm on February 6, 2009, Cynthia said…
sorry i missed you. We never got past 4th street. too much yakking, not enough art walking. next time.
At 2:14pm on February 6, 2009, Cynthia said…
I think I am going tonight. Depends on how my afternoon unfolds. So far it's a go.
At 11:30am on February 6, 2009, Summer Waters said…
Hey Gregg,
I haven't decided about the art walk. It depends how much I get done today. Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to connect somewhere downtown for that. I'm not sure where it actually is.
Thanks again for the photo help. Yours look good too.
Take Care,
At 12:01pm on February 4, 2009, Jim Jordan said…
Sure, once it's edited. I'll put up a click on youtube and place that on ARC.

At 2:29pm on February 3, 2009, Jim Jordan said…

The DVD will be ready by Friday. Call my office 482.2250 and we can set up a time for you pick it up.

Take care,



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