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Above all, to thine ownself be true . . .

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1 ~ INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following five questions to inform the community about yourself and enhance your experience at the Ashland Source Center. Answers are NOT REQUIRED to join, and you can always fill them out later on your MYPORTAL page.
Making New Friends
2 ~ What brought you to Ashland & Southern Oregon area? Let us know what’s been inspiring you these days!
Offered a job in 2000. Have been driving through this area for decades and always had a good feeling when doing so. So when I retired, I was able to go anywhere (living in Denver at the time) and decided to come here. Glad I did. Love it here!
3 ~ What would you love to offer to and share with our community? What do you envision could be a few of the most beneficial things that could happen from actively using this site? Feel free to be outrageous!
I have also been involved in Tantra for over 12 years assisting both Margot Anand and Steve/Lokita Carter in their workshops. Is anyone out there interested in advanced Tantra programs?
4 ~ Please describe any projects or businesses you'd like to develop, if any? What is your "JOB" (aka "Joy of Being")? What especially delights you?
Human Consciousness. What is it? This is my primary passion.
Monthly Tantra group discussion meeting anyone?
5 ~ Which intriguing concepts, local endeavors, links, music, art, websites, books, films, inventions have you been exploring?
books: The ESP Enigma, The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena by Diane Hennacy Powell, MD; Hot, Flat and Crowded by Tom Friedman; Stroke of Insight, by Jill Taylor, Ph.D.; Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin, Ph.D.; New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle; Cracking the Code by Thom Hartmann; Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin, John Adams, by Wm. McCullough, any books by the following, Ken Wilber; Jerry and Esther Hicks; Laurence G. Boldt; Wm. McCullough; The Art of Sexual Ecstacy by Margot Anand. All Stuart Woods Novels, All Faye Kellerman novels; too many others to list - I'm a "reading junkie."
What is your primary Website or Blog link?
The ESP Enigma The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena
by Diane Hennesy Powell, MD

Every so often a book comes along the scope of which impacts everything that comes after it and helps to make sense of much that came before it. Such a book landed in my hands a few weeks ago and I feel compelled to tell you about it because it addresses the single most significant question to face humanity in the 21st century. That question impacts ALL others that humanity will confront during this period, especially during this next decade as the world grapples with the seemingly impossible challenges facing us right now!

Albert Einstein gave us a “heads-up” when he said over a half century ago;
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein
The man who gave us the thinking that created the invention with the greatest impact of the 20th century, atomic energy, understood that the ultimate tool we use in facing the challenges of survival as a species, our consciousness, believed that Human Consciousness has the complexity of different levels! So, here is the question that encompasses all others:
“What is consciousness and how does it work?”

Consciousness is the primary tool that makes human beings sentient, aware of themselves in the universe of which they are a part and aware of their awareness, AND the uniqueness that they aware that they were aware!

I have been in the habit of reading non-fiction books from back to front. I usually start with the last chapter or two as most such are writing a discourse laying out the case for the author’s distinctive perspective starting with the first chapter, building their case. If I intuitively resonate (right brain) with the conclusion the author states, then I will go back and intellectually (left brain) read how they came to that point of view.

So I read the last two chapters of this book first. I was a bit blown away! The title does not do justice to the scope of this book! By the time I had finished the last chapter I was so excited I could hardly wait to get started at the beginning and devour the thing!

I have seldom read an author who has explored what we now refer to as an entity/function called “Consciousness,” who was not stuck in reductionistic thinking when looking at “reality,” certainly not one who has the credentials and experience Powell has. The big picture, holistic, strategic perspective is a critical element in assuming a leadership position in any given area. Powell is destined to become an international leader in the field of consciousness. The scope of this book is breath-taking and comes not a moment too soon in this global time of extreme crisis. I believe that defining consciousness will become the all-encompassing and seminal question of the 21st century and will utterly transform what it means to be human – IF we succeed in surviving the next 90 years!

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At 12:15pm on January 10, 2009, Michelle Engel said…
Hi! Fritz,
How are you? I'm busy teaching school and writing books. I'm also taking a grant-writing class. Fun, fun!! Hugs to you , too! Michelle
At 10:05pm on December 15, 2008, Kimberly Wagner said…
Oh hi, thank you so much!
At 7:39pm on November 11, 2008, Ashland Source Center said…
Hope you can come and meet/greet with us this Thursday for our first gathering of new members. See the events calendar for more details. Blessings be.
At 5:03pm on November 5, 2008, Ashland Source Center said…

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