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1 ~ INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following five questions to inform the community about yourself and enhance your experience at the Ashland Source Center. Answers are NOT REQUIRED to join, and you can always fill them out later on your MYPORTAL page.
Networking & Connecting, Making New Friends, Finding & Posting Events, Clients & Customers, Sharing Resources & Information, We are neighbors in Mount Shasta
2 ~ What brought you to Ashland & Southern Oregon area? Let us know what’s been inspiring you these days!
The wonderful people, the environmental record and the unique college town culture
3 ~ What would you love to offer to and share with our community? What do you envision could be a few of the most beneficial things that could happen from actively using this site? Feel free to be outrageous!
USE THIS LINK TO ORDER YOUR TICKETS http://wesak.us/index.php?ref=organizerspecial2

WESAK is May 4-6, 2012 in Mt. Shasta (7pm Friday - 9pm Sunday)
http://www.wesak.us 530-926-1762 (tkts) or 530-918-9555 (vending)
Sisson Middle School, 601 Alma Street, Mt Shasta
Proceeds are for Meals on Wheels

THEME: choosing your own timeline to the future

Einstein, the crystal Skull of Consciousness, and Carolyn Ford, Edgar Cayce/A.R.E. Historian Raymond Tarpay, antiquities scholar Stephen Mehler, religious fusion expert Ruth Sharone, kabhalist Gilla Nissan, best selling author, Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD (Dr. Meg), West African Shaman Jude Unegbu, musician/healer Erik Berglund and Kirtan leaders Sahadev and Dawn will be waiting for you. Stardoves’ Dr. Raja Dove, HeliOEnergetics practitioner Irina SunChild with local presenters Susan Isabelle, Amorah Quan Yin and Joanna Cherry will help make the experience deeply personal and something to remember for a lifetime.

Mount Shasta's Wesak festival is a "spiritual family reunion" begun, in what some consider one of the holiest places on this earth, by the late Dr. Joshua Stone and now under the direction of Dawn Fazende (editor of Mount Shasta Magazine and President of the Meals on Wheels Auxiliary).

Attendees are given contact with teachers and alternative healers. People come to receive information and healing. They leave with new insights; with a sense of renewal of purpose; and with a feeling of self-acceptance. Their spirits are replenished.

Wesak is named for the legendary convergence of Buddha, Christ and other Masters in the hallowed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas during the Buddha full moon occurring in May each year. The convergence is celebrated in cultures throughout the world. The Mount Shasta Wesak Festival is an event whose scope extends beyond the Buddhist holiday with which many associate the term Wesak.

Wesak is an international event. The mountain has long been a destination for spiritual seekers. As one of the seven sacred mountains in the world, Mount Shasta is uniquely suited for this annual North American Pilgrimage. The very atmosphere is charged with powerful energetic currents and a profoundly restorative silence. Seekers have been drawn to be present with Mt. Shasta's pristine and beautiful natural environment for years. They come to renew their souls and spirits and, at Wesak, to hear the best teachers available anywhere who assist with their personal development.

”... This Wesak was the best. … I have never enjoyed it like this before. My satisfaction and joy is enormous. I want to remember (the people I met) as often as possible in my daily life. They will remind me how I myself could be if I live with Love. All of them became my role models.” Yoko Nakayama, Japan

For more information visit the website at http://www.wesak.us or leave a message toll free at 888-926-9255. A limited number of vendor spaces is available. Call 530-918-9555 for vending.
4 ~ Please describe any projects or businesses you'd like to develop, if any? What is your "JOB" (aka "Joy of Being")? What especially delights you?
We would like to build the Wesak event to 2,000 attendees because of the amount of world service 2000 people can do. 2000 people would also have a fantastic effect on the local economy.

We have started a Meals on Wheels Auxiliary for our area and are raising funds with the event for them. We are aiming to permanently reinstate the full day of deliveries we were forced to drop because of budgetary concerns.

Annually, Wesak organizers and other local volunteers feed more than 800 needy people a free Thanksgiving Dinner - 250 of those are home deliveries to the elderly and disabled. The program need to raise $36,000 over and above its state budget to meet all its responsibilities.

Every Thanksgiving Wesak organizers sponsor a free turkey dinner for over 1100 Siskiyou County Residents who are served in Mount Shasta.

Wesak organizers also sponsor a traditional Christmas singalong and raise funds for a family in crisis that might not otherwise have a normal Christmas with a tree and gifts for the children.
5 ~ Which intriguing concepts, local endeavors, links, music, art, websites, books, films, inventions have you been exploring?
Ramtha, The White Book

Films "What The Bleep Do We Know" "Down The Rabbit Hole"
What is your primary Website or Blog link?
What is your Facebook link?
http://Wesak Mount Shasta

Einstein, the Crystal Skull and Carolyn Ford, Raymond Tarpey, Stephen Mehler, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Jude Unegbu, Ruth Brodye Sharone, GIlla Nissan and Cheryl Rose


2012 Featured Speakers...

Einstein, the Crystal Skull (speaking through Carolyn Ford)Einstein, the Crystal Skull (speaking through Carolyn Ford)

I am the "Skull of Consciousness" my purpose is vast. I am here to ignite the jewel that lives within each individual, through sharing, healing, reflecting and learning. As I share I also gather information in my vast database. My message for those I come in contact with is delivered through the language of light. This is a very high frequency of our original language, the language of creation where all is harmonious without exception. I imprint each individual with a message that is specifically for them in this language of light..... Read more.

Raymond TarpeyRaymond Tarpey (MA, Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Historian)

Raymond is a trained historian. His main area of research is Mayan/Aztec history and spirituality. He also does extensive research on the spiritual legacies of the ancient cultures of China, Japan, the Anasazi, Maya and the Inca. This path, along with information from the Edgar Cayce readings has led him also to do major research on the 'lost continents' of Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria. Raymond also does Tzolk'in Calendar Readings in the Maya tradition..... Read more.

Stephen MehlerStephen Mehler (MA, Crystal Skull Researcher, Egyptologist, Rosicrucian Research Scientist)

Stephen has been involved in crystal skull research since 1979, and, as an archaeologist and prehistorian, specialized in the area of ancient cultural artifacts. Stephen has co-authored, with David Hatcher Childress, Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals To Man's Past (2008). Stephen worked with Dr. Marcel Vogel and F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, the two greatest crystal skull researchers. Stephen specializes in the study of ancient Egypt and currently leads tours to Egypt. His new book is THE LAND OF OSIRIS: An Introduction to Khemitology..... Read more.

Ruth Broyde SharoneRuth Broyde Sharone

A self-appointed peacemaker since she was a young girl, Ruth Broyde Sharone is convinced that people—not governments—will ultimately bring about the long-awaited and eagerly hoped-for era of global peace. Her combined talents as a journalist, filmmaker, community organizer, and peace activist all converged in the spring of 1991 when she orchestrated her first interfaith Passover Seder in Los Angeles. She has created a noteworthy legacy for the interfaith movement by documenting the minefields and miracles she encountered along the way, which formed the basis for her book, Minefields and Miracles: A Global Adventure in Interfaith..... Read more.

Gilla NissanGilla Nissan

For many years, people who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the ancient Hebraic texts as well as those who wish to explore modern expressions of Hebrew's contemporary forms have benefited from studying with Gilla Nissan. A native of Tel Aviv now living and teaching in Los Angeles, Gilla, a true Morah (Teacher) has enabled students of all ages to have a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of this ancient language. A long-time student of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism as well as other contemplative traditions, Gilla now senses an urgency to share the spiritual depths of the 22 sacred Hebrew Letters. "The Letters themselves constitute a complete cosmology," Gilla explains. Through meditation, guided imagery and an understanding of the guidance of these 22 hyper-literal forces, Gilla initiates each seeker of truth into important and miraculous discovery: the mission of his/her soul..... Read more.

Meg Blackburn LoseyMeg Blackburn Losey (Ph.D)

Meg Blackburn, Ph.D., is the host of Cosmic Particles internet radio show. She is the author of the Bestselling books "Touching the Light", "The Secret History of Consciousness", the International Bestseller "The Children of Now", The Living Light Cards other great books. She is also the author of the "Online Messages" and is also a contributor to Bestselling "The Mystery of 2012 Anthology". Dr Meg is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses. Information is available at touchingthelight.org..... Read more.

Jude UnegbuJude Unegbu

Jude Unegbu has been a spiritual healer for over 16 years. Born in West Africa, he traveled with his Shaman grandfather, Job Unegbu, who offered healing to people afflicted with epilepsy, elemental attachments, leprosy, mental curses, depression, and other physical illnesses. His healing education was further enhanced by the techniques he learned from another great man, His Eminence, Sir George King, founder of The Aetherius Society, whose spiritual and yoga teachings offered a strong foundation from which Jude has built a life dedicated to serving humanity and loving all things..... Read more.

Click here for private event info.

2012 Featured Artist...

Cheryl Rose (Visionary Artist)Cheryl Rose (Visionary Artist)

Cheryl Yambrach Rose is the author of the book "Art Through the Eyes of the Soul" and the "Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle" deck (U.S. Games Systems) She is a clairvoyant visionary artist specializing in Spiritual portraiture and Neo-Mythic Art®. She paints in oils on linen in a synthesis of the old master style and her own unique technique of tuning in through the eyes. Her Spiritual portraits are Multi-dimensional paintings incorporating information accessed through the sight of the pineal gland or inner eye as it connects to the Source Field. Her Neo-Mythic Art® brings forth images out of the morphic fields surrounding sacred sites and vorticies within them. She has recently returned from Europe with new work from France, "The Black Madonna of Prague", and "The High Priestess" which is about choosing the positive timeline, to share for the Wesak event..... Read more.

Having always been intuitive, her gifts came naturally in a progression of what she calls "cosmic two by fours". As Dr. Meg began exploring higher aspects of consciousness alone on a mountain in North Carolina, she literally began to see and understand the dynamics of energy. In that process, Dr. Meg learned to combine higher consciousness, energy, movement and music into a process which later developed into her popular workshop "Movement to Spirit"®.

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Explosive If True: “I’m a Clinical Lab Scientist, C19 Is Fake, Wake up America” | The True Defender !

What we found was that all of the 1500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were influenza B, but not a single case of Covid, and we did not use the B.S. PCR test. We then sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a few of the University of California labs and they found the same results as we did, NO COVID. They found influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of COVID, which CDC said they could not provide as they did not have any samples. We have now come to the firm conclusion through all our research and lab work, that the COVID 19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was called Covid and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, emphysema etc. and they then got the flu which further weakened their immune system and they died. I have yet to find a single viable sample of Covid 19 to work with. We at the 7 universities that did the lab tests on these 1500 samples are now suing the CDC for Covid 19 fraud. the CDC has yet to send us a single viable, isolated and purifed sample of Covid 19. If they can’t or won’t send us a viable sample, I say there is no Covid 19, it is fictitious. The four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the Covid 19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples. All the four papers written on Covid 19 only describe small bits of RNA which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long which is NOT A VIRUS. A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.

COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Led To Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak | Forbes

Many who’ve had a nasal Covid-19 test performed on themselves have described it as feeling like that swab got as far back as their brains. If done correctly, the swab is angled parallel to the floor, all the way to the back of the nose, and the swab is rubbed on an area called the nasopharynx. The actual term is a nasopharyngeal swab, not nasal swab, because it’s the nasopharynx that contains the highest possible viral load to best determine an active Covid-19 infection. The distance from the average nasal tip to the nasopharynx is close to 6 inches. So if it feels like there’s a half a foot being stuck up your nose, well, you’re not so far off.

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President Joe Biden on Jan. 21 issued an executive order that would require international air travelers to quarantine upon arrival to the United States.

CDC says asymptomatic people don't need testing, draws criticism from experts | TheHill

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly changed its guidance on Monday to now say that asymptomatic people do not need to be tested for coronavirus, even if they have been in close contact with an infected person. The agency made the move by updating its website but did not make any public announcement or explain the reasoning behind the major revision.  The guidance now states: “If you have been in close contact (within 6 feet) of a person with a COVID-19 infection for at least 15 minutes but do not have symptoms: You do not necessarily need a test unless you are a vulnerable individual or your health care provider or State or local public health officials recommend you take one.”

What Kind of Covid Test Should I Get? Answers on Cost, Accuracy and More | WSJ

There are two generally available types of Covid-19 tests. The first, and most commonly used so far, is a PCR test, which is short for polymerase chain reaction. It’s a molecular test, meaning it searches for the virus’s genetic material in a nasal swab or saliva sample, and it is often processed in a highly complex laboratory. There are two ways to collect a nasal sample: from the inside of a nostril, or from the back of the nose and throat. The second way, called a nasopharyngeal swab, requires a professional to probe more deeply into the nasal cavity to get the sample. Some testing sites may ask you to swab your nose or cheek yourself, or spit into a tube. Each of these collection methods creates a sample that can be analyzed with a PCR test. Antigen tests, which search the sample for viral proteins instead of the virus’s genetic code, are becoming more widespread in the U.S. Right now, antigen tests are typically offered at doctor’s offices, nursing homes, schools and other congregate settings where groups of people need testing fast.

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