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The Dharma Rider's Dictionary: A guide to riding through life with great joy | Commentary

By Zander Dorje

With the new year, it's time to dust off an old project and move it forward to completion.

Each entry is composed of three parts:

  1. First - the term and a general definition. Each of these can become the focal point of a meditation. As you consider the concept, you…

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13 Considerable Factors Before You Buy Essays!

What criterion do you have to judge to buy an essay online? … It is very common that every time you search for an essay writing service to buy essay, you get thousands of sites in the search engine result. This huge list of sites makes it really complicated for you to pick one out of thousands services available claiming to be the best in… Continue

Added by Maria Pittman on January 26, 2010 at 10:50pm — 2 Comments

The 2 kinds of people in the world: those who see 2 kinds of people in the world and those who don't | Commentary

By Jeff Golden

I blog on Blue Oregon, a Huffington Post meets the Democratic Party of Oregon kind of site. You can burn a lot of time there if your mind twists in a certain direction.

Last night a reponse to one of my posts lit up a bulb for me. Or re-lit it, really. It reminded me that the conflict that makes politics and progress so hard really isn't about Republican v… Continue

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The heat around Measures 66 & 67 | Commentary

By Jeff Golden

Oregon's trying to pull itself part way out of its big financial hole with Ballot Measures 66 and 67, which marginally increase taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations. As I write we're about 24 hours away from knowing whether or not Oregonians will buy in.

So many feelings and issues have been stirred by this campaign. One of them -- deep anger and resentment at banks, credit card companies and Wall Street -- has… Continue

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Committing To A Safer Community : A Community Dialog to Discuss Our Feelings And What We Can Do To Effectively Prevent Violence Against Women | Commentary

By Merrill Ward

In response to the recent string of sexual assaults in our town, local members of Ashland’s New Warrior community are calling for a dialog to discuss these recent events, our feelings surrounding them and to share ideas regarding what we can do collectively to address these important issues.

The purpose and focus of this meeting is for the men of our community to come together and develop ideas around how we can be… Continue

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Happiness is for the birds. This is as good as it gets for the rest of us | Commentary

By Kim Carson

What if right now, this very moment and everything that’s going on in your life is as good as it’s ever going to get? What if the veritable bluebird of happiness is the only creature who‘s really happy all the time?

According to Wikipedia, the mythology of the bluebird of happiness has deep roots that go back thousands of years.

Indigenous cultures across the globe… Continue

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The Vision of a New Earth begins | Commentary

By Matthew Ronald Beausoleil

A few people come together, and decide to purchase a piece of land. They do it outright. No banks mortgages.

Structure. They create a foundation. The foundation is an umbrella for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The property is controlled by this non-profit. No taxes, as the the non-profit is a educational/religious… Continue

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 20, 2010 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Just a good idea | Commentary

By Jeff Golden

Taking a break from intense, earnest attempts to ask the Big Questions, this post is just about a good idea. A simple idea. Most good ones are.

Tired as they are of the word "sustainability," people I know wants to move towards it. How, though? With obstacles so big, with a starting point than can be so discouraging, how do we actually build a sustainable world?

By… Continue

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Create a Debt-Free Independently Printed Currency | Commentary

Here in Ashland, Oregon, in the State of Jefferson, we WILL do what Lincoln was assassinated for attempting to do,

We will create a debt free independently printed currency, that those in our container of conciousness decide and choose to accept and exchange as a tool representing value, based on our SOUL TOIL, LABOR or creative contribution. Reducing all inflation and creating a real value for real soul toil and creative endeavor for… Continue

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 19, 2010 at 5:00pm — No Comments

Simply STOP/ABSTAIN from paying your mortgage or rent | Commentary

Simply stop/abstain from paying your mortgage or rent.

Sound Crazy, not as crazy as the idea that we have to "pay" to be alive, especially with money that was/is created out of thin air. In fact, some courts have ruled in your favor.

There has already been a precedent:

state of…

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 19, 2010 at 4:30pm — No Comments

The Venus Project



Together in Spirit a New Earth is BEING BORN! KahZaaam!

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 19, 2010 at 4:14pm — No Comments

Zeitgeist Addendum


Watch it. Ashland needs to RISE ABOVE!

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 19, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Pacific Domes Relief Work for Haiti | Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

By Asha Deliverance

We are collaborating with BFI and World Shelter to send as many domes for medical tents, child care, kitchens and warehousing supplies. We just need to cover cost. We will produce in Ashland and Mexico. We will use .92 tubing for ease of shipping. It will handle 130 mile an hour winds if anchored properly. (We should focus on anchoring instead of heavier tubing to handle the… Continue

Added by Ashland Source Center on January 19, 2010 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Martin Luther King: the quintessential Capricorn

Martin Luther King didn’t change the world, unfortunately, but he changed what he could. His vision, passion, determination, and of course, his dream, fueled him to accomplish his goals with the kind of courage and resilience that makes history. Very Capricorn.

There’s very little myself or anyone else could say about Dr. King at this point that would be new; he said it all, right up to the end when with his dying breath he told his friend, "Ben, make sure you play "Take My Hand,… Continue

Added by Kim Carson on January 18, 2010 at 3:36pm — No Comments

The Myths of Osteoporosis

Did you know that 30 years ago few people had even heard of osteoporosis? In the early 1980s the pharmaceutical industry launched a massive campaign to promote awareness of what was a very rare disease characterized by brittle and fragile bones. Suddenly, there erupted a lot of fear among people. Doctors—also buying into the propaganda—felt inclined to identify and treat patients for the disease.

A World Health Organization group, funded by three major pharmaceutical companies, came… Continue

Added by Carrie Mackerwicz on January 18, 2010 at 11:39am — No Comments

Extortion is a CRIME!!! (Defined Clearly)


an act or instance of extorting.

2. Law. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority.

3. oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest: the extortions of usurers.

SEE: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/extortion

and:… Continue

Added by Matthew Ronald Beausoleil on January 15, 2010 at 6:25pm — No Comments

Thieving Bankers

How does an average citizen deal with the constant position of being stolen from by the banks, that the banks continually put us in?

They are there looking at us, the average citizen as a means to steal money which they did not work for or do any

creative/productive or added value endeavor.

This is most clear in the "fee" system which allows them to steal hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars, if not

billions of dollars from people, you and… Continue

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Mercury goes direct and new moon/solar eclipse today

If your New Year/Decade started out compromised, there will be a return to the positive starting today. Here is a short article on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse by Pamela Cucinell.

1/15/2010 Mercury goes direct at 11:52 am ET with the solar eclipse new moon. More and more, the spiritual is linked with business success with powerful results.

Think in terms of what you want to create for your career or status within your community and plan out what it would look… Continue

Added by Linda Cotrufello on January 15, 2010 at 12:27pm — No Comments

Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help | Huffington Post

Huffington Post Impact has put together a comprehensive list of links to donate and get involved in relief efforts for victims of Tuesday's devastating earthquake. You can also go to The Goods: Help Send Relief To Haiti, an online store by Causecast and HuffPost Impact, where you can purchase products for organizations that will be directly used on the ground in Haiti.

The U.S. State Department… Continue

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Indigenous News

In Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds That Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law |THE INDIGENOUS AMERICAN

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe won a significant victory today in its fight to protect the Tribe’s drinking water and ancestral lands from the Dakota Access pipeline. A federal judge ruled that the federal permits authorizing the pipeline to cross the Missouri River just upstream of the Standing Rock reservation, which were hastily issued by the Trump administration just days after the inauguration, violated the law in certain critical respects.

Stand With Standing Rock, March on DC

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Indigenous grassroots leaders call on our allies across the United States and around the world to peacefully March on Washington DC. We ask that you rise in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of the world whose rights protect Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) for the future generations of all.

These last moments of the Standing Rock protest will break your heart. | Unworthy

After a Trump administration executive order, the Army Corps of Engineers ordered protesters to vacate the camp by 2 p.m. local time on Feb. 22, 2017

Army Corps of Engineers Says Pipeline Construction Can't Continue Without Tribe Input | NBC News

The Army Corps of Engineers dealt a blow to the progress of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline on Monday, saying in a letter that more analysis and discussion with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is needed before construction can take place under the Missouri River.

Stop ignoring Arizona on public lands | AZC

Gov. Doug Ducey’s assertion that Arizonans oppose the Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument is unfounded. State polls show vast support for protecting the Grand Canyon watershed from uranium mining and preserving the threatened cultural and historical sites in the region.

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