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Understanding how to adopt the right Business Management Software (including CRM)?

Most businesses come to vendors or consultants for Business Management Software when they are in one of the following stages:

1. Growing exponentially beyond capacity

2. Declining from past success

In the first scenario, a business has hit the mark and is creating good communication with customers. It is prosperous, but is increasingly unable to support or fulfil orders from customers in a timely fashion.

In the second scenario, an established business… Continue

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The Big Bowl - A Blog for inspiring humanity to thrive


I've just been putting together a blog that has a compilation of my favorite inspiring videos, links, articles, that I will be adding more and more to over time. You can see it at:

Enloven your day,

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Florida want to head North West!


Hummm. Here I am reading through the blogs of this beautiful Ashland Resource Center online community. It is very interesting to read about you all and the work that you are doing. I have fallen in love with Ashland and do have one friend there, I am looking to develop my business, so that I can bring my gifts to the area for a few months out of the year. I would say that I might retire there but, that is not likely. I like to walk the beach when all of my northern friends are… Continue

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Visit charu's web site and let her know what you think of her art:

Here are 3 poems by Charu. Send her your poetry and comments. and pictures of your art


I ask if

A secret shower

Will pronounce evening sounds

Only you can see


When slender tendrils bruise me

An immense blossom

Slices through summer morning

People I love go there

Grow and work and

Create new dreams in liquid blue sky


Her wild wind

Leaves cracked… Continue

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What Does All this Presentation MEAN?

I can well understand BEING someone and manifesting your heart's desire. But it seems so frenzied now for good reason. So, why is it I may not SEEM bothered? is it that I have been slow and poor all my life? And yet still aware of the frenzy of the fuel and the almost dead lust for life that keeps plugging forth like the headless horsemen? which has no meaning anymore. Honestly, there are so many places to show up without any intelligence or history to know of that can back you bein wise. How… Continue

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Thai Pants for Sale: Many New Colors & Designs

Greetings Community!

I just returned from Thailand and have many new colors and designs of Thai Pants available for sale. They are sometimes referred to as wrap around pants or fisherman pants. These pants are truly versatile: great for Yoga/Meditation/Dancing. They are very comfortable and adjustable/one size fits all.

Prices start at $20 for the basic style-design.

Call or email me for an appointment to view and… Continue

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planning to show superadobe videos

i am scheduling the video showings of Nader Khalili's lectures on superadobe. these videos are wonderful and full of poetic principle. join the superadobe network by posting on the discussion titled southern oregon superadobe here at ashland resource center. i will then inform you of the time and location. we are gonna have a community of earthen builders in formed in just a few weeks it is so exciting! there is so much building to do for the community as well.

yours truly,. Elias… Continue

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Inner Peace Colum

You are invited to write an article about your path, journey or methods that result in the attainment of inner peace!

There are probably as many definitions of inner peace as there are those of us seeking it. However, a new and exciting column in the Ashland Daily Tidings, is now available for us to share, learn from one another; know ourselves better and explore our potential in a shared journey. It is through dialog that we build and strengthen our community

A… Continue

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Do You Live in Pain?

Are you one of those people who live in pain?

You know the people who ignore how they feel?

The people who think their pain is ‘nothing’, ‘no big deal’

and say ‘it will just go away’?

You know these same people, by ignoring their pain which is a signal of distress or ‘out of balance’ in the body will eventually build blockages in that area and eventually the body needs emergency help. At that time they usually go to a doctor and have thousands… Continue

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Warrior, Builder, Weaver work by GW Stevenson

Warrior, builder, and weaver work are strategic activities aimed at creating social change. Often these activities are intermingled and complementary, and necessarily so in order to achieve maximum impact.

GW Stevenson, (Remaking the North American Food System) speaks at this year's Organic Summit on Warrior, Builder, Weaver work as part of the "What's So Radical about Organic Agriculture now?" session.

Are you a Warrior, Builder or Weaver?

Warrior Work… Continue

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New Mandolin to town

A musician who's been wondering the country side engaging in bluegrass festivals for the last couple of years. Along the way creating a family of musicians that span that same country side and compiling the miles to gig, to pick n sing and share stories. Needless to say this has been a rewarding not to mention musically inspiring venture, ''BUT'', there always seems to be a ''but''. This musical family I mention is merely one of a temporary status in that once the weekend is over we all pack up… Continue

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healthf reedom expo



You've Got Questions ... We've Got Answers!



( Long Beach Health Freedom EXPO 2009

April 3-4-5, 2009

Friday/Saturday 10-7 pm, Sunday 10-6… Continue

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what first after enlightenment you do


To: [email protected]; [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 13:31:01 +0100

Subject: [munich-sannyas-list] Today is BHAGWAN LAUGHED DAY

(That video is no more in YouTube)

you can see the video at:


what was the first thing that you did… Continue

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Where's your piggy bank?

It's hard not to notice two things going on at the same time right now. To pull from the beginning of a long-ish magazine article I just finished for Sentient Times, "The first is that large numbers of people who may never… Continue

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Event Review: HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) Featuring Jack Canfield

As ORGANIZERS of the Ashland Resource Center we attended the HUB event featured the renowned educator Jack Canfield on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009. Though less than sixty people attended, most of them being HUB members and guests, we enjoyed participating and networking at what was a major production at the Historic Ashland Armory including a benefit concert during the evening.

Great teachers like Jack Canfield show up in Ashland all the time… Continue

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"Obamas to Plant White House Vegetable Garden"

On Friday, March 20th, 2009, 23 third graders will join First Lady Michelle Obama on the South Lawn of the White House to break ground on an 1100 square foot kitchen garden that will provide food for family dinners and formal dinners.

According to the New York Times:

The Obamas’ garden will have 55 varieties of vegetables grown from organic seedlings started at the executive mansion’s greenhouses.

And… Continue

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Do you remember those days? They're sorta back.

If you think back on it, as I did in this week's column, the big timber collapse of the late 80s and early 90s was a pretty accurate sneak preview of what it means to live beyond our means.

We're all loggers… Continue

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"Love Is The New Religion" by Brian Piergrossi

"Love Is The New Religion" by Brian Piergrossi (From the book 'The Big Glow')

"On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things

seem dark

But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening


An inner revolution is taking place and certain individuals are being called

to a higher light

It is a silent revolution

From the inside out

From the ground up

It is time for me to reveal… Continue

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About Myself - Seeking a Relationship / Friendship


The following is a glimpse of myself and what I am looking for. If my words resonate within, awakening your sense of curiosity, adventure and personal exploration, then I invite you to respond; to enable us to embark upon a journey towards friendship, growth and relationship.


"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

What is essential is invisible to the eye". (The Little Prince)

I am… Continue

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Ecology News

Ecocide Law Would Criminalize Free Enterprise | The Epoch Times

First, it was Pope Francis. Now, it is French President Emmanuel Macron. Both leaders have added their considerable moral heft in support of a radical environmentalist proposal to add the new crime of “ecocide” to the Rome Statute that outlaws genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other crimes against humanity.

Double Victory! Monsanto pesticide and GMOs just got whacked! | Center for Food Safety

We just made history! Center for Food Safety (CFS) just had one of the most important legal victories ever against pesticides and GMO crops.  After years of litigation, a Federal Court just banned Monsanto's toxic pesticide dicamba. This also effectively halts the use of GMO crops designed to tolerate that pesticide. This massive win protects farmers, our health, and hundreds of endangered species. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that EPA's approval of the pesticide be immediately revoked and its use stopped. This provides relief to thousands of farmers across the country whose crops have been decimated by the drift of this pesticide onto their fields. In ruling the pesticide approval unlawful, the Court cited "enormous and unprecedented damage" caused by dicamba in the last few years, damage that has "torn apart the social fabric of many farming communities." This victory took years of effort by CFS's legal and science teams and we could not have asked for a better result. We are so proud of them, and so incredibly grateful to our members and donors that enable these major victories to happen.

Billionaire Buys 15% of the Planet to Protect It | Return to Now

Since the creation of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, in 1872, 15 percent of the earth’s lands and 7 percent of its oceans have been protected in a natural state. But some scientists have concluded that at least half the planet needs to be protected to save a large majority of plant and animal species from extinction. A multi-billionaire has pledged $1 billion to get us closer to that goal. The money will be used to “create and expand protected areas” with the goal of protecting 30 percent of the planet’s surface by 2030. The 83-year-old Swiss-born steel magnate Hansjörg Wyss — who’s now an avid outdoorsman living in Wyoming — has already donated $450 million to protect 40 million acres of land and water across the globe since the establishment of the Wyss Foundation in 1998. Wyss has also supported anti-poaching efforts, river restoration projects, African national park improvements, rails-to-trails initiatives and land conversation in his beloved adopted home, the American West.

'This Scares Me,' Says Bill McKibben as Arctic Hits 100.4°F—Hottest Temperature on Record | Common Dreams News

A small Siberian town north of the Arctic Circle reached 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, a figure that—if verified—would be the highest temperature reading in the region since record-keeping began in 1885. "This scares me, I have to say," environmentalist and co-founder Bill McKibben tweeted in response to news of the record-breaking reading in Verkhoyansk, where the average high temperature in June is 68°F.

New database reveals plants' secret relationships with fungi |

Leiden researchers have compiled information collected by scientists over the past 120 years into a database of plant-fungal interactions. This important biological data is now freely available for researchers and nature conservationists. Publication in New Phytologist.

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