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Snatam Kaur Live in Ashland Video "Mother's Blessing" | Media Review

By Linda Cotrufello

Thank you all who attended and were a part of promoting "The Sacred Chant Concert with Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha" last Friday evening in Ashland. I felt us blast off as a group, as we danced, chanted and celebrated together. Here's is an unedited video from the concert of "Mother's Blessing." Hope you who could not attend will enjoy getting a feel for the amazing energy we generated together.…


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Creating Vibrant Health Through Nutritional Analysis & Bloodwork | Health Reporting

Editors Note: I've worked with Jim Jordan over the last year and had my blood analyzed under his powerful microscope. Pretty interesting to see your live blood under the scope. In our one-hour session he provided me some nutritional counseling and suggestions on an enzyme product he carries. Well worth your investment of time and money if you have any health issues whatsoever, or are… Continue

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Relationship Recipe for Disaster | Commentary

By Joy Hosey

In working with couples over the years - and enduring some painful partnerships myself – I’ve come to appreciate the highly creative (if mostly unconscious) strategies couples employ to “make a relationship work.” Here is one of the more popular, if horribly unsatisfying, “relationship recipes” I’ve encountered:

1) Withhold your truth in a multitude of ways, especially what your… Continue

Added by joy hosey on March 25, 2010 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Fire drills: How to discuss dangerous situations with kids | Family Reporting

By Kim Carson

Giving our children tools to deal with life is one of the greatest gifts we can give as a parent. We can't always be there with them, but our wisdom can go where they go. Talking about dangerous situations is often difficult because as kids start to individuate, which is nature's call, they aren't considering the threats; they’re noticing all the coolness life has to offer. Our voice of… Continue

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Write a Letter for Pesticide Reduction in the City of Ashland | Pesticide Activism

Dear Ashland Community,

Send a letter by April 2, 2010 to the Parks Pesticide Subcomittee of Ashland to voice your opinion about new regulations for pesticide application in the city, especially in the parks/schools/wetlands. Here is a link to a letter-writing tool . Contact Angie Thusius at 541-552-0922 or Julie Norman… Continue

Added by Linda Cotrufello on March 23, 2010 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Spring Astrological Patterns for 2010: Sacred Union and Partnership in the New Earth Energy | Astrology Reporting

By Celia Fenn

Beloved Ones, in the next two years you will be increasingly focused on the energy of Partnership and Relationship, and especially Sacred Union. This will be because as you enter the Fifth Dimension of Light, you will become more aware of what we will call the "Fractal Pattern of Oneness".

This is the Original Template of Creation, where the One becomes Two, and the Two become… Continue

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Sunday is the first day of the new zodiac calendar and the beginning of the procession of the soul | Astrology Reporting

By Kim Carson

Sunday is the first day of the new zodiac calendar and the beginning of the procession of the soul through its stages of human-ness. The world of nature and humanity get to begin again. Life renewed. You don’t need to be an astrologer to stay in synch with these rhythms. Just follow these tips.



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Experiencing "Writing Grace" - My First Class | Workshop Review

By Linda Cotrufello

I felt a little like a school girl all prepared with pencil and note book when I arrived at Alyssa's home. Entering I was surprised to see two people who I know attending the class. One was Donna, who I know well and the other Syiche. I hadn't had time to do my homework which Alyssa had e-mailed to me so I brought an assortment of poetry, processing writing, a press release… Continue

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Snatam Kaur Sacred Chant Concert in Two Weeks | Event Review

By Linda Cotrufello

Ashland Resource Center along with Healthy Transformation is proud to present Snatam Kaur Sacred Chant Concert in two weeks. We expect to sell out so buy your tickets early. Tickets available at Sound Peace, 199 East Main St. in Ashland or online at:

Snatam Kaur was… Continue

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December 21, 2012: Just another day or the last day? | Commentary

By Kim Carson

Up until about a year ago, the doomsday predictions about 2012 didn’t warrant much of my attention, despite several inquiries from clients, students and friends. As an astrologer, apparently it was expected that I should know something conclusive or at least have an opinion.

Lots of past predictions of a similar nature over the years had left me unmoved by the…


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Fukushima's Nuclear Waste Will Be Dumped Into the Ocean, Japanese Plant Owner Says | Newsweek

A member of the media uses a Geiger counter at Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima, Japan, February 23. The site includes hundreds of tanks containing about 777,000 tons of water laced with tritium that TEPCO has decided to dump into the nearby sea, despite opposition from local fishermen.

Tainted: Can California solve pot's pesticide problem? | The Cannifornian

The big difference will be the amount of pesticides in your weed. That’s because starting Jan. 2,  when California’s vast legal marijuana market opens, all cannabis must be tested — and most chemicals will be banned. Much of California’s cannabis is tainted, including the “medicinal” stuff. But soon state-sanctioned weed may become the greenest in the nation.

Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow Chemical, and Syngenta defend their coming oligopoly (MON) (DD) (DOW) (SYT) | Quartz

Top executives from Bayer, Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical, and Syngenta today (Sept. 20) testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, making a case for why federal regulators should approve the mega-mergers, which stand to fundamentally reorganize global agriculture. (Executives from the sixth company involved in the consolidation, China National Chemical Corp., declined an invitation to appear at the hearing.)

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