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It Was a Good Friday!

 by Karima      …


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Greetings, Seeker of  The Way...
   Beyond the seeming divisions and discord between religious traditions, there  is 'A Way' home to the Center that we all seek. Even though many feel as though religion is the cause of much human conflict, there is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Spiritual truth is not the problem, only human traditions and…

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Inspiration, A love Story

Inspiration, A Love Story


There are a variety of pathways to creativity: interest in certain subjects and ideas, role models in fields that we develop interest in, or the necessity for finding solutions to certain problems.


However, the most important precursor of a passionate all encompassing creativity is…


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Blessing Mt. Ashland - Report by Robert Brothers Ph.D.

Dear Friends,          


On the morning of the ceremony, when the sun popped out

from behind the hills with golden light into a bright blue,

cloudless sky, happy were the hearts of many throughout

the valley who had not seen such a sight for weeks.  Birds

sang, squirrels poked their heads out curiously, and many

people smiled at the thought of standing on the snow on

Mount… Continue

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Legacy by Charu Colorado



Thoughts my father left me

Held like a davening tallit

Warm me as I look across the driveway

Enclosed in Sunday morning fog


Final consequences warned about

Appear like ghosts of crushed sleeping bags

In a deserted mountain campsite

Brushed by vagrant…


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Creativity, Sustainability, Climate Change

What do Creativity, Sustainability and Climate Change have in common?  a commentary by Charu Colorado


Answer: They all three depend on"true values that embrace self understanding to transform and be part of the new earth community", according to David Korten, Yes magazine editor and author of Agenda For A new Economy: From Phantom Wealth To a Real Wealth that will help us heal our economy and the world.

David was on Democracy Now…


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Celestial Resources

Celestial Resources

Current Moon Phase: Click image or text for details
Current Moon Phase

Click image or text for more detail…


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Unplugging from The Man, Part 3

Marcuse called it choosing not to participate in one-dimensional society. I'm calling it Unplugging from the Man. No difference. It's getting free. Seeking liberation from a system that is choking the life-blood out of our humanness. Once we've made up our minds to Unplug, we need to map out a blueprint for doing it. There's a lot to do and we can only do a bit… Continue

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Follow Your Heart - It Is Smarter Than You Think!

Follow Your Heart

It's Smarter Than You Think…


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The Heart of Awakening



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Quit Running From YourSelf | The Embodiment

Dear Ones,

I've decided to quit running from who I AM. There's always someone else, some better person who will show up down the road-- at the new home, on the new mission, after the next spiritual…


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Kissed by the Divine by Karima | experiencebeing.com


I stub my toes climbing the steps to you. 

Joyfully I bruise them.

Even when I put on my finest dancing moccasins,

I scuff the toes.

Am I not lifting my feet high enough?

How high are you, really?


When I part the drapery to witness the sunrise 

and feel the light-fire-heat,

I can’t look or I’d go blind, 

such radiant Life! 

But I feel your touch through the window,

and I hear you whisper,



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Here Within Poem by Charu Colorado

Here within, enthroned

I await recognition

to examine my condition

Now in this palace

this plastic fluorescent bulb holder

this perfect residence beholder

I’m grateful and proud

to be a chip off father’s table

now to feel secure and able

How I’ve yearned for such a place

to see and be seen clearly

to be admired dearly

Now resting within

above the crowd on high

on black take out dish that once held shepherds…


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