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What does it mean to truly eat local? Why would we want to eat local in the first place? And if someone was crazy enough to truly want to eat local, How would they go about doing it?


Over the past decade, the local food movement has finally made its way back into the fringes of our culture's mainstream. I use the word back because our short memories neglect to remind us that during the early years of… Continue

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Uh, yeah, it looks like we do...

...have to argue this one. I don't think the argument's a rational one, because anyone capable of a moment's thought would agree that the manufacture and distribution of shopping bags is probably not one of the places we want to allocate petroleum and other valuable energy sources, not when reusable bags are virtually as… Continue

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Do we really have to fight about THIS one?

If we can agree that as a society and economy we have to reduce our resource consumption, with wiser oil use and reduced greenhouse emissions at the top of the list (and, what, 75%, 90%, 95% of us can?) we're naturally going to look first for the most painless ways to cut down, right? Seems to me some minor adjustment of the container we use to bring stuff home from the… Continue

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What We Touch

What we touch, touches us...

When we touch anger, anger has touched us.

Touch fear, fear has touched us.

Enter into fighting and crusading

That too will touch us.

When we touch the highest, brightest and most holy.

Then that will touch as well.

It not the words.

it is the energy behind the words.

It is not the action.

It is the energy and intent behind the action.

It is helpful to be mindful and aware of… Continue

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On the Delicate Subject of Community Banking | Economic Reporting

By John David Van Hove

Author's Note: This is in response to Dr. Lenny Thyme, an ARC member who asked about the possibility of setting up a banking system locally to hedge against the collapsing economy. Here's my cogent and frank response.


We have the latitude and the power to create our own bank if we wanted to, but not the will my friend. The proverbial economy is going to… Continue

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One more time

...on these jaw-dropping Town Halls on health care. There's a pretty simple question here. We're apparently not going to agree on how to fix this mess, but can we agree that we have to have a public environment where it's safe to talk about it? If the… Continue

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Can we even do Democracy?

The Town Halls that members of Congress have been holding across the country make it clear that what's at stake is more than the supposed topic: health care reform. As if that weren't important enough on its own.
All that's at stake here, I'm arguing here,…

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Get 3 FREE Dissertation Topics Without Spending a Single PENNY!

3 Free Dissertation Topics??? Really??? Well… You must be reading this post just to confirm if the statement is true OR “Free Dissertation Topics” under discussion are those that must have been overly-used? Well… the good news is a “Dissertation Writing Service” is offering “Free Dissertation Topics” according to the request of students just because they… Continue

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Regular work, if you want it...

I don't think I rank high on the contemporary Paranoia Scale. But I have my moments. One came just a little while back at LAX, one of hundreds of airports where a smooth recorded voice reminds you every 10 minutes that the Terror Alert Level has been raised to orange, so look out.

Check… Continue

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High-Quality Information Video Production | ARC

Editor's Note: This month we're featuring a new informational video for Ashland Resource Center produced by They do an excellent job at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production. You can reach your customers or clients with a powerful "Photo-Documentary" online.

As you'll see each video consists of personal interview…

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Now in the Local's Guide:

Wow! A smart and witty person (and, dare I say, humble) wrote a piece on Turtle's Beejie Hut for August issue of the Local's Guide. See:
This publication is distributed widely in print in the area.

In celebration, I'm offering a 2 for 1 special on monkey size bags through August 15th! Yeah, baby! Munch, munch. Just mention the code word

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Ecology News

The Greek Island of Paros Is Set To Become The First Plastic-free Mediterranean Island | Intelligent Living

Paros – the lovely island in Greece’s Cycladic region – is famous for its blue-and-white painted architecture, captivating coasts, and turquoise seas. Soon, it will be known for its environmental standards as well. It has been selected to represent a future free of plastic pollution and waste.

Trump Tells Greta Thunberg To 'Focus On Other Countries' After She Tells Leaders to "Panic" About Climate Change | Trending Politics

The President's comments come after Thunberg hammered President Trump for leaving the Paris Climate Accord. The speech by the far-left climate activist was made at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.

12 in '20 - Energy and Commerce Committee

There are bipartisan bills in Congress that we could pass right now to ensure the United States remains a global leader in emissions reduction, economic productivity, and clean energy production, all at once.” That’s what Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) said in September, calling on Democrats to work with Republicans on commonsense, bipartisan solutions to protect the environment and our economy.

Trump: US Will Join One Trillion Trees Initiative | The Epoch Times

The United States is joining the One Trillion Trees Initiative, President Donald Trump said on Jan. 21. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump said the United States is joining the initiative. “We’re committed to conserving the majesty of God’s creation and the natural beauty of our world,” Trump said. America “will continue to show strong leadership in restoring, growing, and better managing our trees and our forests,” he added, drawing applause. The One Trillion Trees Initiative was announced during the forum. It encourages countries to plant trees as part of the effort to combat climate change. The goal is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. Ecologist Dr. Thomas Crowther told the forum last year that humans should plant 1.2 trillion trees to cancel out the past decade of CO2 emissions.

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050 | Forbes

Human activities are behind the extinction crisis. Commercial agriculture, timber extraction, and infrastructure development are causing habitat loss and our reliance on fossil fuels is a major contributor to climate change. Public corporations are responding to consumer demand and pressure from Wall Street. Professors Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg published Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations last fall, arguing that businesses are locked in a cycle of exploiting the world's resources in ever more creative ways.

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