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1 Giant Leap and "What About Me?" Asks: "Does Money Make You Rich?"

Does Money Make You Rich?

A crucial question in today's financial climate!

So many of us in the western world are fixated with more, more more! and when is it ever enough?

We 'need' to buy more, spend more, own more, show more! But today's financial news suggests we have less and less and are becoming endlessley absorbed with the tangible rather than the intangible; forgetting the essence of life and the vital relationships with which nourish ourselves… Continue

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The All and the Everything

It is through each of us that wisdom is shared with all beings of Earth. Each new awareness that we awaken to, awakens into the collective consciousness. All that I already know has been brought forth from the collective consciousness, a continuum of life experiencing itself through a different portal of expression, me.

Living to become the best I can be serves not only myself but all of humanity.

This symbiotic and synergistic relationship is true between myself and… Continue

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Share the Earth to Establish Justice and to Have peace

My studies in economics lead me to believe that it is entirely possible to have the world work for everyone through establishment of simple economic justice.

I am a student of the economic theories of Henry George, the 19th century American political economist and social philosopher. He asked the question in his best known work, Progress and Poverty: why is there so much poverty amid so much wealth and wealth producing capacity. The answer he gave convinced me that sharing the earth… Continue

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The Survival Podcast on Winter Gardening

Fall & Winter Vegetable Planting Guide.

Fall and Winter gardening, although an old practice, is an excellent solution for keeping the tilth and fertility of your garden's soil at its peak levels. At the same time it yields crops of delicious vegetables throughout the fall and winter that cost a fraction of produce purchased in the supermarket.

When it comes to vegetable and flower gardening, the climatic patterns of the lower elevation areas west of… Continue

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Sprouting Basics

As an addition to our food & survival series, here is a way to sprout seeds, grains nuts and beans. By investing a few minutes per day, you can produce the tastiest, most economical, crisp, fresh vegetables imaginable. In addition, nutritional values increase during sprouting. Soybeans, for example, increase in Vitamin C content from a mere trace to 13mg/100 grams and the riboflavin content increases 370%.

Sprouting is easy and simple and children love to do this. It is… Continue

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Ashland High School Career Day 2008

The ORGANIZER for the Ashland Resource Center spent the morning giving four presentations at the local high school for a few dozen students.

Here were the parameters and instructions for speakers.

Guest Speaker Instructions:

Students are interested in hearing about:

* your personal story or the path that brought you to where you are today

* what type of educational background or training is needed for… Continue

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Those Beautiful Eyes by Ann Cowart Lutzky

"Dumuzi stood waiting.

In the doorway of her house

Inanna appeared before him, shining.

She opened the door.

The Daughter of the Moon was shining.

His eye beheld her.

His heart rejoiced.

He brought her to him.

Like a medal of precious lapis or gold,

Placed close against his heart.

He kissed her."

- from The Twenty-One Hymns of Orom

This is an ancient tale and a… Continue

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I.O.U.S.A. Film Review and Resources

The critically-acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A. was conceived of, co-written and executive produced by Agora Financial's Addison Wiggin. In July 2008, the film was acquired by The Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

It was featured in a Live Premier with Warren Buffet, Pete Peterson and David Walker in 400 theatres around the nation on August 21st,… Continue

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Now What?


While the candidates pose and blather, has any one noticed that during the last 2 weeks;

1. the government has acted against the will of 80% of American people in sending $800 million in tax payer money to the investment firms and banks that have gambled away our retirement funds and children's inheritance during the last 8 free-for-all years?

2. Did anyone hear that another $600 million was just passed, oh so quietly, by the Demo-controlled Congress to… Continue

Added by kayla starr on October 19, 2008 at 9:22am — 1 Comment

A Season of Prosperity

LightWerx Media is growing in ways we have always imagined!

This summer of 2008 has proven to be a season of prosperity and growth as we have expanded our business to include many new levels and approaches to design.

This August we were blessed with a new team member, a talented graphic artist with an exceptional flare for flash animation, Mr. John Palombo of JP-Graphics. John’s charismatic personality and driving passion to support others in… Continue

Added by Trevor S. Thomas on October 18, 2008 at 8:51am — 1 Comment

Ashland Mayoral and Council Candidates

Just prior to marking your ballots in late October, please join us for a unique opportunity for citizen empowerment!

For three hours on two evenings -- the first night with Mayoral candidates and the second night with City Council candidates -- citizens from Ashland will have chance to engage in a world cafe dialogue about the issues they care most about. No one has set the agenda in advance The questions people have and the topics people… Continue

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Nature's Pharmacy of Therapeutic Gemstones - Chakra Balancing

Who wouldn't want to be drenched in therapeutic quality gemstones?

Therapeutic gemstones are gifts from the mineral kingdom, as are all gemstones. To qualify as therapeutic quality or grade, several requirements must be met. The processes by which the gems are mined, cut, drilled, and assembled are included in this criterion. The stone itself must also meet specific requirements of clarity, purity, shape and color. Certainly how the stone is used makes a difference as… Continue

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Shambhala - Shasta Community

To find out more about Shambhala – Shasta Community and the Ways to Be Involved.



1st step to initiate any one of six ways you wish to become involved, please sign up here:…


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Jeff Golden and Gypsy Soul New Release Party


For those who did not have the good fortune to attend the Saturday evening "Discussion and Concert" featuring our local celebrities Cilette Swan, Roman Morykit, and Jeff Golden, I have a few pictures and a short video clip of the event. Johnny and I attended and as always, were blown away by our local talent.

Jeff Golden started off the show with a reading from his new book "Unafraid", a novel about what might have happened if JFK had not… Continue

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Does America need a Transpartisan Alliance? | TA

Cherry Blossoms & Washington Monument

Recently I was asked to serve as an advisor to a new network of networks that calls itself the Transpartisan Alliance. Advisors are being invited primarily from alumnae of seven transpartisan leadership retreats held by a group called Reuniting America since 2004. Collectively these leaders represent over 70 million Americans from all points of view.

The goal of the Transpartisan… Continue

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Inter-Generational Cafe Dialogue Report | The Regeneration Project

Hosted by Dominic Allamano, Shiloh Boss, and Jeff Golden

"When the voices of all ages are shared, the real wisdom of the community is heard."

I attended the “Inter-Generational Cafe Dialogue” produced by the Regeneration Project along with about 100 other people of all ages. We began this inspiring conversation by stating our name and age. 'Twas an evening of youngers and elders alike sharing their visions of what's… Continue

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Ecology News

China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution | The Independent

China has reportedly reassigned over 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in a bid to combat pollution by increasing the country's forest coverage.  A large regiment from the People's Liberation Army, along with some of the nation's armed police force, have been withdrawn from their posts on the northern border to work on non-military tasks inland. The majority will be dispatched to Hebei province, which encircles Beijing, according to the Asia Times which originally reported the story. The area is known to be a major culprit for producing the notorious smog which blankets the capital city.

Good News: This Year's Monarch Butterfly Migration Is Larger Than We've Seen in Recent Years | Better Homes & Gardens

Every autumn, monarch butterflies migrate across the U.S., heading south (and in some cases, west) for the winter. They are one of the few butterfly species that makes such a long migration—it can be up to 3,000 miles, and they often travel in such large groups that they fill the sky with their orange-and-black wings and blanket vegetation when resting. But over the past two decades, their numbers have been steadily declining, to the point that this insect is being considered for the endangered species list. Since 1997, when an estimated 682 million monarchs swooped through the air, the population has dwindled as low as 25 million monarchs in 2014 before rebounding to 150 million in 2016. So when reports of this year’s migration seem to indicate more of these winged wonders than usual, it could be a sign that their populations are continuing to make a comeback.

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy | Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Berlin — Germany, one of the world’s biggest consumers of coal, will shut down all 84 of its coal-fired power plants over the next 19 years to meet its international commitments in the fight against climate change, a government commission said Saturday.

New urban algae canopy produces as much oxygen as four hectares of woodland | The Plaid Zebra

An urban canopy created with algae has got people talking about the link between technology and environment. According to Gizmag, the bio-digital structure pumps a fluid with microalgae around a transparent shelter, which in turn produces shade, energy in the form of biomass, and an impressive amount of oxygen amounting to the equivalent of four hectares of woodland. When it comes to photosynthesis, microalgae organisms are ten times more efficient than large trees and grass. Buildings and architectural surfaces are efficient spaces to utilize this technology.

U.S. House votes to ban uranium mining near Grand Canyon | Arizona Mirror

The U.S. House approved legislation Wednesday to permanently ban uranium and other hardrock mining near the Grand Canyon.  The bill from Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva, chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, passed by a vote of 236-185. 

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