A few months ago, my mother passed away.  At her memorial service, us children were lined up at the door to greet the visitors, and me being the youngest, got stuck on point.  so it was in a bit of a rushed fashion, and in front of quite a few people that a friend from childhood shared a story with me.


It seems, as a child I was with a group of kids being driven to church camp by her father.  One of the occupants of the car had gotten carsick, and vomited into a bag.


at an appropriate rest area, we all exited the vehicle, her father carefully taking the bag, and setting it on the curb, at the rest stop.

I can't explain it completely, but the next part, as she described it, I was able to completely recall the event.  She says that I walked around the side of the car, and just kicked the bag into the air!  and it relocated its contents onto nearly everybody in the group!  and the lovely odor did punctuate the rest of the trip!


Well apparently her father has told the story on countless car rides so the point of the story, from her was, what a celebrity puke kicker I have become, without even knowing it!


The reason it was so Ironic, to me, is that, It was not well known to me, that story, and how her father spread it, but that I did "know", I remember walking around the side of a car, and there was this solid bag of something, could be lunch trash, or pirates loot, who cares, I am Eight!,, there was a trash can in the distance, and I clearly had a shot at it,,,, Remember, I am eight, but in fact I can completely recall the sight of the bag, and the truth that "I MUST kick that bag!" truly, nothing could have stopped me,,, Well the rest is history,, or I could say my story, because, sure it turned out to be a bag of puke, and it disassembled itself quite short of the trash receptacle,  as it was always supposed to do, and I have never stopped kicking bags of puke, whenever it is asked of me.


The creative spirit, god, if you will, Placed me where I could be of the most use. and as often is, that use only serves the creative ends, not necessarily our own.  And it has continued to do so for the rest of my life.  I have long since found peace with the fact that, if the creative wishes a hornets nest kicked, it often chooses me, because more often that not, I am faster than hornets!

it makes sense though, I was created as I am and a creative energy even if it is only known as "love" will have the ability to see what I can endure, and where I can best be of service.


So, in short I am in acceptance of being a Puke kicker, it still often occurs to the universe to use me in this way, and the story being shared with me turned out to be a highlight of a dreary sad weekend! it highlighted to me just how long, the Universe has "been aware" of me!  wow!


And for you, you can always pull this up and cast it out whenever you do some off the wall thing, that you just felt you "HAD" to do!


"Oops! Tool of god! Pardon" just passing, tool of the universe passing by, hold your bags of puke out to be kicked!


Growth, take it where you can!



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