Ceremony of Peace-n-Planting is our right to establish ideal human habitat

Peace-n-Planting song expresses our intention to Feed ALL children, Educate ALL people

The truth held highest is non-exclusion, that we ALL belong to the church/ club/ choir /group/ political party


"When will our consciences grow so tender, that we will act to prevent human suffering rather than avenge it?" - Eleanor Roosevelt

The way it goes is the same worldwide, for thousands of years.....

People gather outside in groups.  This is the congregation.

Then we plant seeds.  This begins the ceremony.

We PRAY for good crops all during the growing/watering ceremonies.

We harvest and share with each other....

We pray/share with children WORLDWIDE ~~ the communion.

So one can easily see that we ALL belong to this huge church of the Great Spirit Great Mother Father God Goddess All there IS. Then all can see that all religions share these common ceremonies from ancient times. 



And no one can say what we share and what we name it and call it world wide, just like all religions say it their way.  No one tells the parish priest  "don't call BREAD the Eucharist."  

Neither can anyone say what is our food nor clothing, nor their names nor way we use them, nor claim our sacred seeds held from before any memory of humans by GAIA the living planet our earth our planet and people everywhere. 

It is our right to establish ideal human habitat, indeed our DUTY to do so,

with care for the effects of our actions unto the seventh generation in the future.

tinyurl.com/Peace-n-Planting     song

More WOMEN dead from AIDS than Men from WAR  1984 - 2010 RIP


"When will our consciences grow so tender, that we will act to prevent human suffering rather than avenge it?" - Eleanor Roosevelt

When the People Lead, the Leaders will Follow." - Ghandi


Peace and planting ..... Peace and planting!

 ..... it’s what I want      It’s what we all need.


May we please have this, may we PLEASE!

Oh Creator, God/Goddess ALL there IS

May we have LAND and rights to plant it

With our own hands.


Peace and planting....

May we have food, enough to share

With all peoples everywhere.

Peace and planting, it’s what we need

Peace and planting..... not war and greed.

Peace and planting..... brings prosperity.



Peace and planting

oh we HAVE this, oh yes indeed. 

Look inside you, open wide,

know your heart is One with ALL....

Peace and planting..... peace peace peace .... 

a NO$$$ polytikal party
groundswelling grass roots worldwide NOW
please share widely   

 >>>~~~~~coming to Facebook soon ~~~>

 Lots of hints on You Tube channel called STELLAVISION


http://m-scale.com/        Medicine /marijuana can work together!

***Permaculture is the largest growing organization on GAIA our living planet; 

it has no corporation structure neither profit nor non-profit, no leaders, only practitioners. 

We teach wherever we gather.



Paul von Hartmann knows a lot of HISTORY of CANNABIS

ThreeSistersPlanting.info  Native corn beans squash. 

Grow landrace local vegetables and save seeds.

Let's make safe and clean choices for seven generations. xo*J




a NO$$$ polytikal party + theme song

groundswelling grass roots worldwide NOW

PS PS PleaSe ....add this as a PS on your mail?

Copyright/left Feb 2011

All Rights Reserved

ALL that is involved must be kept as PUBLIC BENEFIT and no part be owned / controlled  by other than real HUMAN BEINGS benefiting other human beings. 

Feed ALL Children, Educate ALL People.

No corporations profit nor non-profit, only clean NO$$$ groups, clubs, organizations. 

It's a way for humans to DO SOMETHING NOW in our own regions, knowing our efforts will not be "skimmed off the top" by an individual or organization-pretending- to-be-human   --

they are not real and we are ALIVE and

   peace and planting our true way of life

on GAIA the living planet. 

We are no more different than mushrooms cut off the mycelia.
Keep singing, do nothing "in opposition" and

stay in "positive mode" DOING something like gardening!

quantum physics attention is energy

non human dissolves as we light up our lives
think of it no longer and turn your attention return to life....

What is a ceremony? A ceremony happens when people who feel the same way have the intention to pay attention over a period of time.  Any special way of being together with shared actions and experiences can generate good lasting feelings over time, but when people agree on specifics, then ceremonies become traditional.

How to "sit in ceremony" in your home plus friends and

neighbors, and be able to hear each other.  Native wisdom

recognizes that each of us sits in our own four directions....

in other words, we each are the center of the universe we

inhabit.  Sky above, earth below, spirit within.

So using that as a form, divide your room in four quarters

and then make  North East South West in each corner. 

Use those to establish the issues you will talk about, which helps everyone to keep on topic for each corner.

Making a large sheet of paper on the wall with topics will really help in bigger groups, and setting topic time limits.

Start will East, sunrise and feelings.  Express gratitude to be alive, and for those who live with us, and for all gathered and willing to talk about how we can all get along.

Then South, and Safety and Sanitation. Children's health being considered first.  Discuss handling common problems.

In the West, talk about freedom and the nature of centering, or inner calm or peace. being found through meditation, prayer, and love.  Each has the right to these, and your rights end where someone else's begin.  Discuss individual problems only if previously agreed or known by whole group including strict time limit.

Finally in the North or wisdom seat, allow elders time for discussion of work progress, finances and other life responsibilities.     Make time to gather again.


*J posting March 25 2011

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Comment by Stella Jane on March 27, 2011 at 9:28am
Please realize that the picture of BLACK PEOPLE starving looks really different from WHITE PEOPLE starving in the USA.  The white people are ashy colored and appear to be FAT and have a lot of odd diseases in great proportion to those starving in other countries. XXOO for us all, *J

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