Evolutionary Activism: Being Here Now

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

As we survey the many perspectives and manifestations of all that is occurring and intensifying globally, we might ask ourselves:

...How did it come to this? 

...How much power have we consensually surrendered for circumstances to have arrived as they have, and for so many rights to be being so flagrantly and profoundly violated, be they environmental, human, social, economic and otherwise?

bank corruption 1Naked Corporatocracy

As we progress into the last quarter of 2013, numerous global crises are revealing more than ever a sickening corporatocracy that railroads, lies, subverts and legislates to guarantee profit, power and privilege for the few at the expense of the people and the Earth. It’s a system that employs continual warfare (pre-emptive, false-flag, illegal and otherwise);  the killing of millions of people through these wars, poverty and tyranny of all kinds;  violation of international, national and personal data through global surveillance networks;  rigged markets and currency wars;  corporate-centralized media spewing endless propaganda and spin for manufactured ignorance  and consent;  increasing police crackdowns and brutality;  ‘trade’ agreement coups (manufactured in secret and going undebated nationally in the midst of media blackouts);  silencing and criminalization of journalists, protestors, boycotters, whistleblowers and dissenters;  human rights violations;  denial of climate change, etc. 

The corporatocracy is a system underpinned by an elitist, cabalist-driven, imaginary economy based on debt and that is destroying ecosystems and populations, poisoning our food, water and our bodies, whilst we are legislated, corralled and controlled into staying silent, paying taxes and voting from time to time so we can give governments the consent that legitimizes their rapacious partnerships with the Big Everything (oil, money, media, pharma, business, food, water, etc)

As this unfolds, we see judicial systems, local, national and international laws and treaties, environmental protections, civil liberties, sovereign rights of nations and populations, human rights and planetary resources being betrayed by ‘economic hitmen’ (reference, John Perkins) who employ ‘shock doctrine’ tactics (reference, Naomi Klein) so that corporate predators can further concentrate power in their own hands and continuing gaming and destroying for strategic advantage.  Instead of Constitutions enforcing limitations on the power of government to abuse power, these have been turned inside-out to enforce limitations on the power of people to exercise their rights.  All of our cultural narratives at this point are those that promote the elite, with the masses being criminalized whilst they watch the rollouts of the above in horror and disbelief, and accompanied by fear, denial, rage and powerlessness.

"We live in an era in which there is near-zero tolerance for democratic protest and infinite tolerance for bankers and government embezzlers which effect the lives of millions." ~ Henry A Giroux

Revelations by alternative media, activists and whistleblowers are ensuring that no one awake and paying attention escapes seeing the abuses of power and privilege, and where power has been hidden.  And, although the silencing, incarceration, murder, exiling and spying on these courageous people is frightening, their courage and care in truth-telling have also struck a nerve in many.  One can viscerally feel the wave forming of those whistleblowers to come, soon to break on the shore of concensus reality and denial, and continuing in their ferocity to further shake the system to the core all the more.  These insistent revelations of the oligarchy’s underbelly are a given and are here to stay, no matter how the oligarchy tries to silence them, or how we may personally want to look away.

earth-sinking-in-heavy-water-pollution-with-tons-of-plastic-containersTipping-Point Awarenesses

What is becoming clearer for many in this extremely-layered mix, is that the global coup has reached an omnidirectional, multi-faceted tipping-point, as precisely evidenced by the obscene outcomes of abuse for profit and control.  For those willing and able to read the signs (not always easy and not always desired), an unmistakable bifurcation point has crashed into our lives and screams at us to make the personal choice to face head-on this deeply-destructive and violating trajectory.  Further, it is asking us to gather up both personal and creative will, whether we are talking environmentally, politically, economically, socially, spiritually, scientifically or otherwise for we are also being shaken awake simultaneously.  We are each finding our own personal tipping-points....some sooner, and others yet to come.

Critically, the eruption and disclosure of such tipping-points are pivoting many into deeper understanding our interconnectedness and interdependence for livelihood and wellbeing, and what it means for us when we place these into the hands of the trashing runaway train that is the corporatocracy.

Crucially, we are pivoting into recognizing the deeper beliefs that underpin the worldview that allows the trashing, or sees the trashing ‘over there’ as somehow unrelated to ‘me over here’.  Powerful and accelerating disclosure is unmasking what it is we really believe about ourselves and about life, in the crossfire of this harrowing spectacle with its systemic abuses to the biosphere, our value systems, sovereignty and rights.

And for many, it is moving them into the deeper awareness and appreciation of that interconnectedness, interdependence and 'oneness' at the most deepest and intrinsic levels of ourselves, precisely by being 'shocked awake' by the corporatocracy.  YES:  what does ‘unity consciousness’ really mean?  This ultimate, inherent, non-separation on the deepest of levels of systems, people, government, land, species, rights, thought, emotion, action?  And further, there is the ‘shock’ that if we are so deeply interconnected, interdependent and ‘one’, as the mystics and scientists say, then all that is happening involves all of us, too, and it also means we are all personally accountable and responsible for these outcomes at large.

On ‘Behaving Badly’

So as much as we can ‘follow the money’ to the right or the left side of politics or to a single dictator, and/or see various connections between the corporatocracy, oligarchs and plutocrats and their toxic marriages with governments, banks and militaries worldwide, it is critical that we step beyond being stuck at this level, let alone see them as somehow unrelated to ourselves at the deepest of levels. 

These agencies are profoundly enmeshed at all levels of the human experience and they are ‘behaving badly’.  However, it’s not just about ‘following the money’:  it’s about how the criminality got so far in the first place.  It’s about the seismic shift into what exactly the deeper re-evaluation and recognition NOW mean in light of these striking dynamics and present-time, ongoing violation....and our allowing thereof.  The deeper message these dynamics  have to communicate to us amidst the exceedingly convoluted legislation, lies, narratives, ‘wag the dog’ rhetoric, manipulations and obscurations.

powerThe Powerpoint Moment & Conscious Evolution

As important as it is to wake up to even this level, it’s more critical for us right now to illuminate how this mass abdication in favour of the Big Everything came to be, and more, how we might recover the power, sovereignty, freedom and rights handed over to it.

Conscious evolution refers to humanity’s new ability to choose what the species Homo Sapiens becomes in the future. This new ability is based on recent advancements in science, medicine, technology, psychology, sociology, and spirituality. Conscious evolution places human beings at the crest of the ongoing evolution of the universe, providing a larger perspective of human potentials.Conscious evolution allows that mankind can choose advancement through co-operation and co-creation or self-destruction through separateness and competition.”  ~ Wikipedia

If we are to fully embrace the responsibility that is conscious evolution, for example, it will hinge upon the understanding of our current powerpoint moment.  The one where we recognize the toxic unsustainability of our most cherished belief systems, both personal and collective, and how, in cherishing them, we are consensually creating, in real-time, the perpetuation of the corporatocracy and its stream of abuses.  Right here, right now.  The powerpoint involves determining the internal, personal beliefs that link us to where we have not been fully awake and paying attention to our environment, politics, science, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, relationships, health and more, and to where (and why) we have not been responsibly engaged and understanding the mirror that the external world is of our cherished, internal beliefs, and what we may or may not be doing with our free will when we are thus not engaged. 

Our beliefs may thus show us that we have neither cared about nor valued ourselves or the Earth enough.  We have neither cared about nor valued each other, our environment, our rights, bodies, etc enough to be able to feel, see, understand... and take action.  We may be startled to recognize that certain of our most cherished beliefs keep us separate and disengaged, whilst personal, local, national and global results stare us in the face as never before, demanding attention, engagement, and upgrade into completely different beliefs, skillsets and response-ability.

As the alternative media, activists and whistleblowers continue dealing one blow after another to the manipulations at large, they are, importantly, also dealing blow after blow to the belief systems from whence the allowance of these manipulations and abuses came, and that allow them to continue.  They are spotlighting the enormous, ideologically-sanctioned surrender and abdication of mass personal and collective power to ‘the authorities’ at large, be they spiritual, political economic, religious, scientific or otherwise. And these blows are powerfully calling into question those beliefs to instigate the internal overhauls as much as they are certainly instigating the external ones.

Ailing or destroyed ecosytems and cherished human rights being trashed, for example, are occurring globally because ecosystems, rights et al haven’t been embraced, taken to heart and taken to the next level by enough of us personally.  To move forward now, and in order to meet the next creative, evolutionary level, we have to meet the moment with our more awakened, overhauled selves, and choose to stop being spectators. 

We ourselves are the groundcrew that meets the evolutionary gauntlet as thrown down by the corporatocracy.

Overhauling Toxic Belief Systems

A deep look at the human and environmental cost of our belief systems is required now, and how they may leave us paralyzed, inactive, docile, in denial and ‘asleep at the wheel’ of our current circumstances and of our personal and collective destinies.  It is these outdated belief systems that are the root causes of the trashing of humanity and the planet, and we are needing to come into a more nakedness awareness of how these are affecting global balances, food, water, finances, politics, oceans and more at the most intimate and interconnected levels in all our living systems.

To truly embrace the moment, we need to more masterfully comprehend the intrinsic connection between what we believe, and what has shown up when we allow Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Religion to decide things on our behalf and to run our lives through the legislated rape of our sovereignty, freedoms and rights.  These entities are presently running amok….in our names, with our bodies, resources, taxes, food, water, land, oceans, animals, votes, complacency and ignorance because we have been lulled asleep by toxic beliefs in powerlessness, worthlessness, redemption by some outside agency and the fear that keep us looking the other way, legitimizing others’ suffering, abdicating our responsibilities, or indulging in magical or wishful thinking that God, Government, an ET or an exit to a parallel and pristine Earth could conceivably be an answer, or be what the moment is asking of us. 

We may find ourselves faced with the astounding recognition that these very beliefs keep us disconnected from seeing that biospherical breakdown and trashing are completely related to us all, and to our personal and planetary livelihood and wellbeing, as part of the greater, interconnected web of life.  That is, we are in relationship to every single one of these elements and systems.

One can only imagine how a Gandhi or Martin Luther King might view our circumstances, and in what urgent ways they would be motivated to raise consciousness, and to inspire people into the streets.

1234674_615098368531025_831664353_nPersonal and Collective Biospherical Respect

"The biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be called the zone of life on Earth, a closed (apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth), and self-regulating system.  From the broadest biophysiological point of view, the biosphere is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships, including their interaction with the elements of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere." ~ Wikipedia

The excesses of empire are obvious.  For many, too, these excesses look desperate because many worldwide have awoken and are organizing, creating, dissenting, praying, filming, writing, speaking, etc.  The places for these ‘old powers’ to hide are getting fewer and fewer, but it’s far from over yet it’s not enough by enough people….not yet.

These excesses will continue until enough individuals break through their beliefs and anchor into the personal and biospherical respect to develop the boundaries that say, ‘No’ to what is being done in their names and with their resources.  Same as what needs to be applied to any bully anywhere, anytime:  NO.   Such a capacity is based on knowing where the boundaries lie which are based on knowing one’s inherent freedom, sovereignty and rights, and thus being able to stand up and say, ‘No, that is enough.’  It is based on self-respect, self-worth, compassion, care and love for oneself, others and the Earth, and recognizing the sacredness of the web of life, deep interconnectedness and our interdependence.  It is married to the action that articulates, protects, defends and upholds those sacred freedoms and rights, for life now and life to come.  And it defines and delineates a clear ‘Yes’ that corresponds with right action, right human relations, new beliefs, dialogue, powersharing, legislation and systems-creation and maintenance that upholds that deep sacredness of human life and the Earth. 

To be continued in Part 2.....

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Hasta la victoria siempre,



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