As in "has one" as opposed to "have to", which in turn calls to mind, "Have Two", and that's less "lonely" sounding than "has one" so that's nice, perhaps I actually do "Have to" Blog!

Then I suppose it is both what I need to do as well as what I ought to do!  Balance from the beginning, That's nice!


The reason I am blogging is to simply be writing in an atmosphere of accountability, where I must in my mind write with awareness, that I am writing where others can hear!  everywhere you can read, and sometimes you can listen, but to "hear" is the nirvana of communication.  and this clarity in consciousness is a Virtue that I would like to uphold in my writing, in a way, much the same as when playing guitar, where there are listeners, not to discomfort them with playing anything which is less than my best,


Why I am choosing to Blog in Ashland, when I am in The Central valley, in Northern California, is because this is my original, my first attempt at this kind of writing, and I Have Ideas  (some use the word "plans") about returning in the next five years to MT Shasta, where I was Born. And In my observations and experience so far, Ashland is one of the West coasts finest Artistic and Spiritual communities.  And is a suitable, nice place to empower as a "Hub" where I can center myself, as I move north over the next few years, and after I am moved north I am certain Ashland will be most vital to my existence, so I believe it is good to start being a part of the community as ever I can.


The Persona "Shasta Steward" is Who I am creating as an artist, I am J.B. Hamilton, and as an artist have an open studio in Acampo Ca, a few miles south of Sacramento. very close to Lodi. Know as Blue Coyote.


Blue Coyote has been my artwork handle since the early nineties. and the Dancing Coyote Winery where I have a shop, Studio and Sculpture Garden just happened along by coincidence.


On this Blog I will be writing about what happens to me, and what arises as an affect of those writings, and whatever new projects I finish or have in progress. In General I wish to softly track, in public, The metamorphosis of Shasta Steward, and perhaps gently lay the Blue Coyote to rest.  That would be nice.


I will Post lots of pictures as I am able.  If things in the pictures spark questions, I would be pleased to answer them in the Blog as well.



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