How to Regenerate Organs and Glands with Protomorphogen and Cytosol Extracts

At the cellular levels health is about efficient functioning cells which remove waste and produce energy so the tissues, organs and glands do their designed job. Disease or sub-optimal health occurs when cell function breaks down and waste removal and energy production becomes stagnant. Anything that facilitates improved cellular function and regeneration is going to make a difference in health.


About six months ago one of my clients, a woman of 80 plus years, started to make a remarkable recovery in her health from a serious cardiovascular health problem. Her live blood test showed a nearly perfect picture and yet I had made no new recommendations in her program.



With the use of Standard Process supplements, I have been able to control a heart condition without the use of prescription drugs.  In addition, my overall health has been greatly improved.”

Shirley W. Grants Pass, Oregon.



She told me that another practitioner had developed a protocol of whole food supplements from Standard Process, a company started in 1934 by natural health pioneer, Dr. Royal Lee.


I contacted the company and persuaded them to open an account for me although normally they only sell to medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths. The results with many of my clients have been fantastic. There are several factors I believe which account for the faster more noticeable results in cases ranging from chronic fatigue to recovery from spinal surgery.



In the 1940s Dr. Lee developed a method of deriving extracts, which contain what he called cell determinants, from specific animal organs and glands for clinical use. Dr. Lee believed that these cell determinants functioned in cell regulation, maintenance and interaction with tissue antibodies. Protomorphogen brand extracts (PMG)  is a trademarked name of specific mineral/nucleic material extracts from animal glands and organs that Dr. Lee found to have powerful clinical application.

PMGs act as a DNA blueprint for tissue regeneration.

Not only do PMGs help to regenerate tissues of unhealthy organs and glands they also serve as autoimmune antibody decoys – that is they decoy antibodies away from attacking your organs and glands.


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