Oxygen & Ozone Therapies: Best Kept Health Secret | Health Reporting

By Linda Cotrufello

Editor's Note:
I've enjoyed several of Linda's "Detox Footspa" treatments over the last year or so and have regularly indulged in the "Ozone Steam Spa" treatments she's offering. They've been instrumental in restoring my health and vitality.

For those not familiar with oxygen and ozone therapies which have been suppressed in the United States, this is a remedy for regeneration and renewal of the bodies immune system. Most of us are oxygen deficient with only 25% of the oxygen available in the environment than the human body was designed for. Same goes for dehydration and not drinking enough water. So by "flooding" the body with oxygen, and drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces of fresh water every day, you can restore much of the imbalance. Restore your health and well-being through these powerful methods.

- John David Van Hove

P.S. Here's an excerpt from her "MyPage."

NRG Detox Footspa

The NRG Footspa helps detox and energize the body. It works very simply and is user friendly. The price is $1595.00. NRG Brochure

Photo: Picture of water changing during 40 minute footspa treatment.

Ozone Steam Spa

The Ozone Steam Spa is a way to oxygenate the body using highly active oxygen in the form of ozone. The ozone is pure, with no nitrates, and can also be used to insufflate or inject. Evidence worldwide is documented to the benefits of it's use, relieving symptoms of AIDS, cancer, herpes 1&2, and many more modern maladies. Price Sheet (pdf)

Ozone/Oxygen Resources:

Healthy Transformation Business Opportunities

I feel that health is not only physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, but economic in nature. For those who are wanting to start a business, or expand upon your own health practice, you can become a distributor and/or a practitioner by learning to use and apply the NRG Detox Footspa or the Ozone Steam Spa.

For additional information call 541-324-7971


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