The Galactic Merge-Purge and the Timelines | Commentary

By Fatima Bacot

As many of you are no doubt feeling, this is truly one of the most explosive turning points in our personal lives and in our history…and as mentioned in a previous post, the past is crashing into and colliding with the present and meeting the potential of the future — which is up to you personally and all of us collectively to co-create and manifest.

Much is being provided by way of celestial assistance — planetary and off-planetary — but the necessity of Conscious Free Will Choice remains a part of choosing one’s reality and, hence, one’s passage into the New.

Yes, there are numerous timelines and outcomes available…. Again, dependent upon your choices right now and your vibrational set-point. There’s no real other way to put this, except bluntly, as there is much still yet to come in the ‘old world’ in terms of break down energies as we and all human institutions are stripped bare of denial, victimisation, lack, manipulation and lies in the disclosing Light of the incoming energies, and against the backdrop of that which has been long forecast.

....Reality has split.... What does this mean? It means that we have at least 2 timelines operating…..

One that is the ‘old world’ that is characterised by duality, us-and-them, and separation-consciousness – and the ongoing (Orwellian) warfare, lack, poverty, endless consumption, religious insanity, controlling tyrannies/dynasties in banking, corporate controlled governments and media, myopic materialism, fiat money and victimisation that characterises this world ad nauseum.

The other is the New, made up of a number of levels of activism:
  • those drawing attention to the imbalances, ideological insanities, frequency-war and lies of the old;
  • those attempting to stop the destruction on environmental and humanitarian levels;
  • those acting as bridges that see the old and simultaneously decode, translate and communicate the New — in all manner of ways;
  • those clearing the decks energetically to free up the karmic debris that
    impedes individual capacity to see, feel, hear and think straight and in
  • and those already in the New, in community and otherwise, and who are very
    busy maintaining the Grids of Light of the New Matrix, and setting up
    the various infrastructures of the New Earth.
Where you find yourself is based entirely upon your vibration and, of course,upon a role that you chose to play within the Great Shift of the Ages.

With these 2 distinct timelines clearly delineated and in view now, the world is a seeming battleground between these highly polarised forces and energies, as played out in the skies by the opposition between Saturn (old guard) and Uranus (revolutionary change).

These went into exact opposition from 22nd July, and will be joined by other equally explosive configurations onwards.

Worldwide, we see the old guard attempting to retain power using all means at its disposal (media, fear tactics of all kinds, false flag events, frequency-manipulation, the usual) whilst the new explodes all around and within it in the form of grassroots rebellion, political shakedowns, disclosure of ET Intelligence and longtime ET involvement in governments and genetics (with UFO files being declassified the world over by numerous governments), ongoing financial upheaval – with the powerfully synchronising Rainbow Tribes of Light emerging to the fore in
all areas of the human experience (and certainly enough now to ‘worry’ the old guard and speak publicly of its worry– hence, its desperate use of all-too-familiar, well-worn tactics).

So, now what?

I will write further in a few days about the ‘now what’. For right now, know that the ultimate function of this rollercoaster to-ing and fro-ing and of extreme-polarity between old and new is to SERVE YOU. It’s a shake up, wake up, shake down. It’s to JOLT YOU AWAKE, if by some stretch of the imagination, you are still asleep. It’s to WAKE UP HUMANITY FROM ITS DEEP SLEEP TO THE NATURE OF ITS TRUE MAGNIFICENCE. It’s to WAKE UP HUMANITY AND SAY ‘GET OFF YOUR KNEES’ (thank you, David Icke). THAT IS WHAT THESE TIMES ARE FOR. You can no longer pretend you are not magnificent. YOU are not a victim: YOU ordered this up.

The next 2-3 weeks to the Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment in early August and past it are huge, huge, huge. The Full Moon in Aquarius on 26th July has so many other explosive alignments that simply spell ‘RADICAL CHANGE’.

Keep in mind, it’s not necessarily about the exact day as an event in itself. It’s about the overall configurations taking place in the heavens, on Earth, in the oceans, with the Earth changes, with the financial landscape, political landscape, relationships, health. It is all converging NOW and accelerating. Context, context, context. I won’t linger too much longer here, except to wish you well as you hurtle through these absolutely astounding portals. (For more AstroTalk, please visit Alan Oken’s Latest.)

In kinship, here are some Links that you may find useful:
  • Janosh and Saie: for me some of the research seems mixed up in places, but that is no matter. That’s just my opinion and bias as referenced against my own research. By now, I am sure most of us can feel the gist of what is happening without having to have exact dates spelled out in this quantum merge-purge as we continue the purge of that which we cannot take with us and merge as seamlessly as possible with the energies of the New Evolutionary Agenda. Please CLICK HERE.
  • Lauren Gorgo and energies continuing to unfold: Please CLICK HERE.
- Fatima

(P.S. Discounted Diamond Light Readings are continuing as a means by which to help as many as possible through these astounding Portals. For all Blogs, Services and Programs, please CLICK HERE

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