Tina Malia "Song of the Soul" Tour in Ashland April 20,2011





“Coming together as a community of souls by way of the music…we’re creating an oasis for the soul.” That’s how singer Tina Malia describes what audiences will experience when the "Song of the Soul" World Tour comes to Ashland to perform at the Unitarian Center on April 20, 2011.


Co-headlining the Tour is singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Tina Malia and devotional visionary, guitarist and rocker GuruGanesha. Acting as catalysts for the musical chemistry are multi-instrumentalist Hans Christian, percussionist/remix master Craig Kohland and fast rising young bassist Jared May.

Tickets available at Sound Peace, 199 E. Main Street in Ashland or online at: www.ICResource.com/TinaMalia .

Given the virtuosity, rich musical history and deep dedication of each band member, this will truly be a world devotional super-group. A magical combination that spans genders,generations and genres, the group will perform selections from both Malia’s and GuruGanesha’s previous and new albums.

“There’s an incredible alchemy at work here that you can’t question, you just have to experience it,” says GuruGanesha. “Tina’s voice and my guitar-playing communicate on a very high level. All the musicians involved have the ability to take music anywhere they want to take it. So, musically, we’ll be going places where artists in this genre don’t usually go.


About Tina Malia:
Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Tina Malia is emerging as one of the most phenomenal artists of our time. Her music mirrors her unique and unconventional approach to life - a love for adventure and tireless commitment to the expression of beauty.

Classically trained in piano and voice by her mother, Tina spent her early days drenched in musical discipline. Reflecting on this period in her life, she recalls, "In my early childhood, I was studying classical musical rigorously. But, by the time I figured out I didn't need to train four hours a day that discipline was already instilled in me. And, by the time I was 11, I had decided that music would be my life."

After finally discovering the sonic world outside of her classical lineage, she began her apprenticeship while listening to some of the iconic female pop stars of our time. After picking up the guitar and studying sound engineering, she began her career as a recording artist by producing her three albums: Shores of Avalon, Jaya Bhagavan, and The Silent Awakening.

Based in the fertile San Francisco Bay area music scene, Tina Malia has performed worldwide sharing her diverse range of musical styles with countless audiences. She has collaborated with some of the greatest artists in a variety of genres, including pop, kirtan, world and electronic music, and with luminaries such as Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, India.Arie, Idan Raichel, Jai Uttal, GuruGanesha and Bassnectar.

"The relationship that I have with music is otherworldly," Malia shares. "My experience with music trumps any experience that I have on the physical plane. I don't know what else I would do if I wasn't doing music."

When asked how she sees herself making a difference to humanity and in contributing to the healing of the planet, Tina reveals that she hopes to become more socially active in the future. Knowing that she can make any kind of music that she wants, Malia observes that her fans insist that her music transforms their lives. "So - for now, as a musician," Tina declares, "I want to make music that gives people a little bit of comfort. It's a harsh world out there and if my contribution is to help people forget about that and remember something else for a moment, then that's what I'm going to do."

About GuruGanesha Singh

GuruGanesha Singh is an icon of the yoga music genre. A musician deeply devoted to both his craft and the greater landscape of sacred sound, GuruGanesha's contribution to World Sacred Music is manifold. His three solo releases of Sikh-inspired chant music enhanced by his virtuoso guitar work, Joy is Now, Pure Ganesh and Grateful Ganesh, are beloved by his fans world-wide. Pure Ganesh put GuruGanesha Singh on the map as a solo musician, topping New Age charts in early 2007 and receiving high critical acclaim from magazine reviewers in both New Age and Yoga publications. Long before GuruGanesha Singh released his solo albums, he was the force behind many well known chant musicians, including Snatam Kaur, Thomas Barquee, and Mirabai and released several albums with other musicians including Game of Chants with Guru Singh and Grammy-Winning singer, Seal.

GuruGanesha Singh is also the original founder of the record label, Spirit Voyage Records, as well as the distribution company, Spirit Voyage Music. He founded both businesses with the intention of creating new avenues for spreading inspiring music to ever-widening audiences.

GuruGanesha performs over a hundred musical performances per year, from the Bahamas to Singapore on the Celebrate Peace World Tour with Snatam Kaur, in addition to teaching yoga classes and prosperity workshops, and recording new music. His unmitigated joy and virtuoso guitar work make him an instant favorite with the audiences around the world.

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