Wellness Faire ~ Featured Practitioner of the Month for June ~ Chandrika Devi

Featured Practitioner of the Month ~ Chandrika Devi

Chandrika Devi is a healing and movement artist who integrates Classical Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Yoga, Massage and Bodywork, and Wellness Wisdom in her Ashland based practice. She has been devoted to personal and planetary health, healing and awakening since 1998 and a certified yoga teacher since 2002.

Her extensive academic and personal studies coupled with a richness of experience and practice make her an exceptional source of both information and inspiration on this path.

A deep understanding of the physical and subtle bodies guides her healing work and her teaching to which she brings firm and knowing hands, a gentle yet passionate presence, and a spirit of joyous service.

In 2012 she created Well Wisdom HeaIing Arts as an offering of hands-on healing therapies, tools, and teachings, for embodying health and wholeness.

Chandrika is also very excited to be teaching a new class called Yogong. Yogong is an internal alchemy practice of uniting the sun and moon of hatha yoga with the work of Qi Gong, uniting Heaven, Earth, and Human Being.

Chandrika will have a booth at the June Wellness Faire at Jackson WellSprings from 11am-5pm, and will be offering 20 minute mini-sessions of shiatsu and other bodywork for $15 throughout the day. She will also give a demonstration of Yogong at 2pm.


Chandrika Devi
Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
[email protected]




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