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The Heart of Awakening

“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” 
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


“The inaudible language of the heart”


Yes, our hearts, that part of ourselves where we feel extreme hurt and pain, as well as exalted happiness and love.

We are living in a time when it is common to hear the words: “It is time for us to move into our hearts.” Yet what is it to move into the heart? And how do we get disconnected from the heart to begin with? Our minds can conjure up so many beliefs and stories about this, but I wonder; what would our hearts have to say about it?

We ARE currently in a time of awakening to our hearts. Or is it that we are“awakening as we move into our hearts?” I believe it is both.

The past decade has been about witnessing our minds, about recognizing the trance of the beliefs and stories we are choosing to live by. We have become aware of how our thoughts literally create our reality. We have been gifted with the awareness that we have come to be where we are by what we’ve been choosing to think and believe.

Now, with all the changes happening on our planet, more and more people are returning to their hearts. Through our own losses and struggles that have occurred, we are finding compassion as we bear witness to the widespread suffering across our planet.

When we are stripped of all we have known, our marriages, our jobs, our homes, whether that be through natural disaster, the shifting economy, or some other sign of the times, we are forced to ask ourselves, What is it that really matters?

Increasingly more of us are returning to our deepest knowing that love not only is the answer; it is our saving grace.

Our society has been broken down to the degree that our elderly are alone, separated from their families and each other. Our family units have been broken down to the very last separation possible, with most children living in two homes, split between two separated parents, or having only one parent and no other support at all. In most places in the United States, people no longer even know who their neighbors are. Where does that leave many of us as individuals? Broken down, alone, and separated to the most severe degree. How many people do you know who are lonely and unhappy?

From this place of extreme separation we are coming to see that we were not intended to be alone. We need each other. We need to be seen, and to see others, and to have some sense of connection to being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

So, what is it that our hearts hold for us?

In the innermost depths of stillness, when the mind is quiet and “feeling” into the moment completely, the heart reveals its natural intelligence. Whatever has not been attended to within us will be brought to the surface to be seen. Maybe it is a sense of longing, or the nagging suspicion that we are not good enough, a sense of abandonment, or a feeling of despair. Whatever is arising is only asking for recognition. When we allow ourselves to witness whatever is rising up within us and give it our full attention (meaning to simply rest our awareness on it), great expansion happens within us that has the capacity to lead us to the essence of what we are beyond our stories.

The true nature of our hearts is infinite love—vast, alive, and free of all worries, doubts, or fears. It is all knowing, all loving, compassionate, and wise. To live from the heart is to live the vastness of the universe—silent, empty, free . . . ALL . . . complete peace.

The horrors of our world, the planet in its apparent state of crisis due to our destructive behaviors, and the challenges that we face, all seem to come into absolute perfection when we align with the infinite love in our hearts. The circumstances have not changed at this point, but we have changed, our awareness has shifted, and we no longer have any doubt that love truly is the answer.

It has now been scientifically proven that water can turn positive and clean when it receives the pure vibration of human prayer, no matter from how far away. It has also been proven that those faced with life-threatening circumstances have increased chances of survival when people are praying for them. Through our hearts we have the ability to heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal the planet.

Throughout time we have heard the saying: “Love is the answer to every question.” Now we are moving into a time of awakening to the absolute reality of this. Whatever personal challenges we might be facing, whatever challenges experienced by everyone, everywhere, including the survival of our planet and all of the species that live upon it—love is the answer!

Yet for the heart to fully open to the life altering power of love, what first must be met is whatever the heart might be protecting against, the fears, the grief, the disappointments and woundings from the past. So I ask you, “Are you ready? Are you willing? Will you take a leap of faith with me? Will you explore the depths of your heart? Even if you have been severely hurt? Even if you are afraid of what you might find? Even if it feels as though you might not be able to handle the pain once it surfaces?. I invite you here and now to go within, to explore the endless discovery of who you truly are.


             Here is a quote that a friend sent me some days ago that put all of this into perspective for me:


“The Universe doesn’t give you the people you want, it gives you the people you NEED —

to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you,

and to make you into the person you were meant to be.”

~ Anonymous

If every abandonment, every hurt, every great love gained and lost has made you who you are today, are you not curious what more your heart has to offer in becoming more of who you are?

"You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic,
a single power, a single salvation . . .and that is called LOVING.

Well then, love your suffering. 
Do not resist it; do not flee from it. 
It is only your aversion to it that hurts, nothing else."

~ Hermann Hesse

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